Is THIS the Modern Version of *Cringe* Mom Jeans??

There I am, minding my own business, attempting to get into programming on TV- since it seems like everything season finale’d at the same time leaving me with NOTHING- when my eyes are accosted. I’m offended. Mad. Annoyed. Shocked, yet… not really. I shake my head in disbelief.

“That’s not what we all look like!”

My husband looks up from his computer and just kind of laughs. He’s heard that same statement from me a million times, because this crap has happened a million times. There, standing before me (well, in the television screen) is a “mom”, decked out in some khakis or hideous capri pants, ugly ass unstylish flats, and a freshly pressed button up shirt with the sleeves perfectly cuffed. Have you seen them? They’re like Stepford Moms.
Don’t get me wrong, the actresses are all beautiful, but the person deciding the wardrobes needs to be kicked in the junk, and I don’t care what kind of junk that is.

Why does this annoy me so much? It’s not like NO mom dresses that way, I’m sure some do- but it’s every single show. Every mom character. Every commercial. Did I miss the memo that motherhood has a uniform? I can get past the overbearing personalities they stereotype us with. The crazy helicoptering. Even the implication that we’re all perfect cookie-baking, play-date organizing, sanctimommies- but I can’t get past the clothes. If I see one more pair of ill-fitting capris, or the “I gave up” mom flats (note: I wear flats. But they are CUTE FLATS. There is a fine line!), or the perfectly pressed button-up or polo, I honestly might scream. I don’t even OWN a button-up “dry clean only” shirt, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t wear it around my nasty ass kids.


Don’t believe me that this is a phenomenon? HA!


I love her, she’s hilarious, but NO.




Don’t even get me started on that print.




Tell me, is there anything that even REMOTELY says “party hard” about this button-up & cardigan set to you? I don’t think so.




The fact that she’s raising the roof makes it that much worse. STAHP!




You can’t hide that shit under an ugly red sweater, lady! You look like Mr. Rogers with boobs.




Both of you? Really??




Oh, for the love of…. They’re taking the Dads down with them. Will this never end??




It’s like the curse of the 80’s-90’s mom jeans. I shudder at the thought. Is this to be our legacy?? Why can’t we be portrayed as cute? Stylish? Maybe some NON mom-jeans? A shirt without buttons? Flip flops? Shit, even pajamas or leggings would be more realistic than this sanitized boring crap put on television moms. Just fucking stop with the buttoned, cuffed, sweater set, waiting for a flood, stereotypical suburban bullshit.

And to those who DO dress like the above on a daily basis… well…. I guess I just have to thank you for not wearing THIS:

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  • OMG – yes! Well, I don’t watch TV any more since I got divorced and went TVless…but I see what you mean in the pictures and have my take on why the media is hating this way on moms. And – so cheesy but I’m going there! – that is why I want to SPICE the world up with Radiant Mama Coaching – to show that moms can be sexy, sensual women oozing power, strength and self-confidence and not the pitiful, sorry old corset wearing idea of that freakin Madonna/1950s house wife. Freakin A – we are the ones keeping this race going for heaven’s sake. Give us the damn respect we deserve!