The End of Naps WON’T Be the End of My Sanity

We had a good long runs, childhood naps and I. My oldest took them daily until he started Kindergarten at almost 5, napand now my youngest is nearing Kindergarten and we had an agreement- the summer before he started school, daily naps would come to an end. They don’t take them in Kindergarten anymore- a huge shock to me (5 year olds are fucking obnoxious)- and currently, without his daily downtime, Parker goes INSANE- but he needs to be ready. And ready means used to a school-type schedule. And being used to a school-type schedule means being comfortable going nap free. And nap free means…. what?

It could mean a LOT of things if I took the time to think about it, and of course, as a mom with a child who is always growing and changing, I am always thinking, overthinking, and worrying.

Naps have been a part of my life for the past 7 1/2 years. Either one kid or both kid, or fighting with one or both to take them, our days have been centered around them for my children’s entire lives. Even after Holden quit them cold turkey, once nap time for Parker came around, he would have to go to his room and quietly read until it was over. If we were out, I’d try my best to make it home or knew I would end up paying the price around dinner time when shit would inevitably hit the fan due to a cranky tired child. What will our days be like without this anchor of stability? It’s all we’ve ever known!

The end of naps means no more daily dose of sanity. This concerns me. It means that the witching hour from being cranky will occur every single day until he adjusts to being awake all the time. If he ever does. Ugh, IF. I hate IFs. It also means I have to deal with an endless source of bullshit all summer long from both kids who do not get along. Ever. EVER. Never ever. Not even a little. It means I have less time to just sit and write. Watch whatever the hell I want on TV without hearing “uugggghhhh why are we wattcchinnngggggg this. Ugggggghhhhh” UGH, I hate UGHs! I cherish nap time! Nap time is my homeboy!

And then there’s the little fact that this means my littlest nugget is once again growing up far too fast for my liking. I could sit here and be sad and lament over it, and I think I will. Maybe just a little.  It IS sad! But I also have to make the best of the situation and embrace the changes as they grow. PERSPECTIVE! Parenthood is all about perspective. I hate it. I love it. I know it to be true. You might think there is NO way to embrace the end of daily naps and all the sanity they allowed for (along with all the other things that have come and gone over the years), but there is!

Without naps, we no longer have to plan days around them. Cut plans short. Worry about making sure they happen. I will no longer want to cut the shit out of the UPS guy, the dogs for barking at a fucking squirrel in the yard, or solicitors…. Actually, I take that last one back. I’ll always want to cut solicitors. Hey! Maybe! Without nap time, I can ACTUALLY put the kid to bed early, and he’ll ACTUALLY fall asleep instead of wandering the halls, pretending to have to pee, and generally being irritating as fuck. Holy mother of balls, that would be amazing.

Would ya look at that? Perspective! I’m not quite ready to say “good riddance” to naps yet, but I don’t think I’ll be quite as devastated to see them go.

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