5 Truths Only Parents Know


Parenthood doesn’t just change you, it changes how you see the whole world around you. I don’t mean that you suddenly love everyone because you’re just SO HAPPY to have a precious little crotchfruit, but things just aren’t the same. Life changes, routine changes, even your brain changes. The “I would never!”s turn to “Oh well”s, and you quickly realize that parenthood isn’t just changing diapers and rocking babies to sleep. Parenthood is… well, it becomes this giant, hulking bunion on your life. Only, you create an emotional attachment to this bunion and don’t want to get it surgically removed. Even though sometimes you might want to.

With all of these changes, we somehow manage to find a way. Even if the way is slightly shameful. Even if we’re just lying to ourselves because we’re so fucking sleep deprived that it’s the only thing we can do to not run into the hills and never look back.
Here are five TRUTHS of life with kids that I never could have imagined before having them, but have become the cornerstones of my life as a parent. And probably yours, too. Don’t be ashamed, fellow parents! Own this shit! At least you know you aren’t alone!


1. Just finished grocery shopping? Time for take-out! 
The last thing I ever want to do after dragging two kids whining about how their legs don’t work around the grocery store is COOK.

I used to explain myself to the kids during their first few years. Why they should or shouldn’t do something, the reasoning behind it, but that is exhausting. It’s not like they really listen anyway. Those 4 words are my BFFs, and I use them more than a stripper uses clear stilettos.

Is a perfectly acceptable answer when you don’t feel like explaining how something works. DAMNIT JIM, I’M A MOM, NOT A SCIENTIST!

4. Yes, the TV IS a qualified babysitter!
Look, sometimes I just wanna take a shit in peace. Screw all those shitty studies and Judgy McJudgersons that will claim you’re a crap-ass parent because you let the boob tube do some of the heavy lifting. You got to restock the lake with brown trout WITHOUT fingers wiggling under the bathroom door and/or being bothered for a snack!

5. Ketchup is a vegetable!
…and Pop-Tarts are a fruit! Kidding. They get their own special food group and are a childhood diet staple. I file them under “fuck cooking!”


Do what ya gotta do, and have no shame! The kids will turn out just fine. Not so sure about us, though…

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  • SO GOOD. I think the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang are my todder’s besties. Not the actual humans he interacts with at day care everyday.