Netflix is Sending Me to #OrangeCon!

#OrangeCon Save the Date

As if I didn’t love Netflix and Orange is the New Black enough already, now Netflix is sending me to OrangeCon, the first ever ultimate fan conference for Orange is the New Black, to celebrate the new season in New York City and liveblog the experience to share it with all of you!

While there, I’ll be screening the first 4 episodes of season 3, meeting with the cast, and all kinds of other fun stuff (I may have even MORE exciting news coming there, but we’ll see)!

It will be my first trip away from the boys (it’s just me going!), so it’s bound to be interesting for many reasons- BUT- that’s not all!

Tickets to OrangeCon can’t be purchased, but they CAN be won! Only 200 of OitNB’s biggest fans will win (This contest is now over. Did you enter??)

I hope I’ll be seeing some of you on June 11th!

I’m so frickin’ excited, and honored to be given the opportunity! (and not just to finally be kid free for more than a few hours, wooooooo! Party Mom in the house! Watch out NYC!)

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