Netflix for ALL the Fibbers in Your Life!

If there were one thing my kids would watch repeatedly on Netflix if I let them (read: without throwing things at the TV and then running away to join the traveling circus) it would be “The Gruffalo”.

The Gruffalo is an adorable animated tale about a mouse who outwits an entire group of predators by making up a tale about a fearsome beast he calls “The Gruffalo”.
Do my kids love it so much because it’s so well done (Umm, hello? it’s voiced by Helena Bonham Carter & James Corden!), or do they love it so much because they are giant fibbers??

No matter how many times I sit them down and talk to them about the important of honesty, how many times I tell them they won’t be in trouble if they just tell the truth, but they WILL be if they lie- currently, the only thing my kids fess up to is farting. I guess I should be thankful that they don’t blame that on others, too, because deep down I know the fibbing is nearly a phase and it takes time to drill things through their thick skulls- but still. Ugh!

As much as it irritates me, and as weird as this may sound- their fibbing doesn’t really concern me. They are growing up in a BRUTALLY honest household. It won’t be long before they’re being so honest that I wish they weren’t! BUT, I’m curious! What do YOU do when your kid fibs?

For all the fibbers in your life (because let’s be real- in REAL life it might be bad, but it sure is juicy to watch unfold on a TV screen!)


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

For your little kids:

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For your big kids:

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And for teens and parents:

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