Daredevils Wanted for Busch Gardens NEW Coaster- TEMPESTO! I Dared to DO THE LOOP- My Review with Video!


April 25th 2015 is a pretty special day for Busch Gardens (Williamsburg), but today was a special day for me! As a HUGE Busch fan, lifetime visitor, and official Busch Gardens Thrill Chaser, I was BEYOND thrilled to get a chance to ride their new coaster- Tempesto.
It seems that some theme park fans are not as excited- as I’ve read plenty of (ridiculously) ugly things online, complaining about the placement being crowded, about it being a Premiere coaster instead of “original”- and I’m here to assure you, Tempesto is an amazing addition to The Most Beautiful Theme Park in America (20+ years running).

Busch Gardens prides itself on atmosphere and experience. It isn’t an iron jungle, tossed together and crowded to just get the most into the smallest space possible. It’s all about experience, and adding the feel of the best Italian dare-devil’s stunt ever to be attempted in the form of a roller coaster? Well, it just fits!

For me, as much as I love the Festa Italia part of Busch Gardens, there’s never been a real reason to make a point to go there outside of (the amazing) Apollo’s Chariot. Tempesto revitalizes that entire area of the park.
“But, Jenny. It’s not original! Aren’t you disappointed in a ‘stock’ coaster instead of one developed just for Busch Gardens?”
Would an original coaster be great? UH YEAH- but am I lamenting having a coaster in the park that you can find elsewhere in the world? No! Without Busch, I might never get the chance to experience the kind of thrill Tempesto offers.

Let me tell you- I always go in with high expectations because I know BG always brings it- but Tempesto was AMAZING. I have nothing I can compare it to. The speed, the slow corkscrew, the air-time… you just have to try it yourself!

TEMPESTO opens to the public on April 25th, 2015. Get your butt on it if you dare to do the loop!

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  • My husband doesn’t get why people are complaining about it either! He rode it last Saturday and LOVED it! Sure, it gave him a sore back but he said it was worth it. I personally don’t do roller coasters, they make me SICK. But I am glad he loved it and I’m glad you did, too! 🙂

    • I have SEVERE back and neck issues, and I had zero problems with Tempesto. It’s actually the smoothest ride I’ve ever been on (and I’ve been on a lot!)