Kick-starting a Personal Reinvention (with a little assistance from Netflix)

The snow has finally all melted here and has given way to some seriously warmer temps. This can only mean one thing: BIKINI SEASON IS UPON US! I don’t really know how it snuck up on us so fast… I can only assume it is a cruel joke by Mother Nature to have it blizzard-ing one week and birds chirping 70 degrees the next. My sinuses don’t exactly appreciate it either, but BIKINI SEASON! I’m not ready!

It’s not that I want to go frolicking around in a two-piece, but I rather enjoy not wearing pants, so when given the opportunity to put on a flowy spring-y dress, or a pair of shorts, count me IN- with just one little catch: I want to look good in them. And not good for other people, but good for ME. There’s nothing better than feeling awesome in an outfit. Okay, there are plenty of better things (um, hello? cheesecake! and brownies! and ice cream!), but it’s still pretty great to feel like Beyonce and run the world.

Problem is, I haven’t felt great in a long time. I’ve been on a serious mission to overhaul my diet and really get into shape, and for reasons unknown to me, it sort of backfired. I have been struggling with, not only my weight, but how I feel in my clothes for a few months now. It’s been seriously bumming me out to see that my hard work hasn’t been amounting to anything positive, and sometimes when you get bummed, it can really douse your motivation to continue pushing.

I’m not one to be stuck in a rut for long, so I knew that I needed a real game changer. It was time for a re-invention. I needed a Mia Thermopolis-level makeover of myself, inside and out. If you don’t know who Mia Thermopolis is, you seriously need to watch The Princess Diaries (the fabulous second one is on Netflix right now! Don’t argue! It has Julie Andrews in it and you can’t argue with that!) Maybe I wasn’t ever going to feel like “me” again, but maybe the way I was trying to feel wasn’t the REAL me. The me NOW. We all change as we get older (and hopefully wiser), so maybe, just maybe, what I really needed to do was to stop trying to go backwards, and to go forward instead. Find a new me!

Perfect way to kick-start that? I chopped all my frickin’ hair off!



Now, I know that isn’t exactly going to change the scale the way I’d like, but it definitely made me feel fresh and new, and that yanked me right out of my rut and gave me the motivation I needed. I may not ever frolic in a bikini, but I am determined to feel good about myself again- one step at a time!


In need of some inspiration for a reinvention? Netflix has a title for that!

For your little kids:


For your big kids:

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And for teens and parents:

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catching fire
Freaks and Geeks
dirty dancing
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