A Little Boy Proposed to ALL the Disney Ladies, and one said YES!

My family is lucky enough to be able to go to Disney World in Florida every year. In order to keep things as MAGICAL and new as we can, we’re always coming up with fun things to do and say when we meet the characters. From asking Donald why he never wears pants, to going on a scavenger hunt with Dug and Russel, we’ve had a blast. My 5 year old son, Parker, LOVES the Disney princesses, and who could blame him? Every year he looks forward to meeting them because they dote on him and make him feel special, and it doesn’t hurt that they are friggin’ PRINCESSES.

Before our most recent trip, one morning I was joking around and said “Hey Parker! You should totally propose to the princesses this year!” thinking he’d snort at the idea, and much to my surprise, he started jumping up and down. He was IN! I definitely thought he’d lose the nerve once we were there, but instead, he ended up popping the question to a total of 6 princesses, 1 queen, and a fairy- and we captured almost all of it on video- and HERE IT IS!

Get the frickin’ tissues ready!


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Now, about Parker- don’t worry. He’s not upset that a few of his advances were rebuffed- he knows most of the ladies are married! Plus- he found a Tinkerbelle charm on the ground after proposing to her and is completely convinced he’s moving to Pixie Hollow to marry her, so his feelings are just fine!





I’m not sure what we’ll do next year. I don’t think there’s any topping this!

Here are some more shareable & pinnable photos!


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Until next year!

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