Need to Rent a Stroller For your Disney World trip? Look No Further than Orlando Stroller Rentals!

For the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Orlando Stroller Rentals during my family’s Disney World trips. I have no use for a double at home, but 12 hour days of walking, even with my kids being a little older now, is still asking a bit much for their still-tiny legs. Even before I began working with OSR, I rented from them, and even if I didn’t work with them, I still would.


Let me count the reasons! Honestly, I just believe they are the absolute best. Their prices are fair, they have a wide range of single and double strollers that are awesome and in great condition (and can easily be folded up quickly and yanked onto a Disney transportation bus), the employees are helpful and quick to answer questions you have, or replace a stroller if it breaks mid-park or if something is wrong with  it. They take ALL the work out of the process- and even though we call Disney a “vacation”- it’s a vacation with a LOT of work involved.

Don’t rent a cheap plastic Disney stroller, y’all. Just don’t. Honestly, it will likely end up being the same price as a nice rental, if not more, and it’s about a bajillion times LESS comfortable. For you AND your kids! (and I’m not suggesting sitting in it yourself, though I can’t say it won’t be tempting).

“But Jenny! I’ve done some research and there are a LOT of stroller companies there. How do you know Orlando Stroller Rentals is the best?”

It’s hard to explain why I believe a company is the best, other than to say I’ve never had anything but a wonderful experience with them and have no need to ever look elsewhere, but I actually have a story to tell you that proves it! A few, actually!

Many parents who had rented from different stroller companies would stop us and ask questions about the double jogger from OSL we had. They did not have very positive experiences with their rentals, for a myriad of reasons, and were hoping for a better experience the next time. I was happy to fill them in! One morning in particular, while waiting for one of the buses to the parks (my kids relaxing comfortably in the stroller while we waited), I overheard the conversation between a couple of groups of parents. One couple had rented from another one of the companies. The stroller did not work correctly. It would lock up, would NOT unfold no matter what they did, so of course, they called the company for a replacement. The company came out, but instead of replacing the defective stroller, insisted the functionality was just fine, struggled to get it to work, and when it did, had kind of a “see! there’s no problem here!” reaction and left. The couple had just wanted a replacement stroller (“it would have been easier than fighting with this thing for ten minutes to prove it ‘works'”), and now they were stuck with one that was giving them a bunch of problems. That’s a bad experience, y’all. That has NEVER happened to us in the 5 years using OSL.

Avoid the hassle! If you’re going to rent a stroller for your Disney stay, Orlando Stroller Rentals is the way to go!

If none of the above convinced you, check out these happy and comfortable faces

Okay, maybe that isn’t the best example, but just trust me!

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  • We’re actually going at the end of March with our 5 and 3 year old. Knew there was no way they would be able to walk that much, so my husband suggested we get one of the strollers at the park. Ive followed your blog forever so I was like ‘Never!’ Then searched for all of your blogs on the topic and forced him to read them all, haha 🙂
    Long story short, we’ve reserved our double stroller with OSR!