Planning a Disney Vacation? You DON’T have to do it alone! Let Robyn of Cupcake Castle Travel Company help!

mickeyAfter weeks of stress and a couple of handfuls of hair pulled out of my head, I am finally on the tail end of planning my family’s next Disney World trip. This is my 4th year planning from beginning to end, every little detail, and still I get overwhelmed with everything that goes into it. Where are you going to stay, do you want park hopper passes, where are you going to eat? Do you need to book the restaurants early or chance not getting in? What about the rides?? They don’t do Fast Pass anymore, only Magic Bands and you need to book those in advance or risk waiting in crazy long lines. It’s enough to drive anyone to the brink of insanity, but done right- and you can have the most magical trip EVER. Not kidding!

The problem is that it can be confusing, time consuming, frustrating, and stressful. For some reason, I seem to enjoy planning every minute detail, but I think it’s just because I have years of experience under my belt- still, it makes me crazy.

Here’s the thing- you don’t HAVE to go crazy with the planning! I know someone who can plan your entire trip, from TOP TO FRIGGIN’ BOTTOM, for you! Even better? She’ll do it for FREE!

Her name is Robyn, and she works for Cupcake Castles Travel Company, and she gets paid by Disney so not only do you NOT have to pay her, but just by using her to book your trip, you get a Disney gift card!

And this doesn’t just go for Walt Disney World, she can also help you book and plan trips for Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Aulani Hawaii and Adventures by Disney, Legoland, Sea World, Universal Studios and all cruise lines and all inclusive vacations. Whew! The woman knows what she is doing!

Here is everything Robyn can do for you:

  • Continuous discount monitoring – even if the promotion comes out after you book, it will get applied AS SOON as it comes out!
  • Concierge-style planning – park maps, park hours, personalized itineraries(if needed), parade schedules, fireworks schedules.. and MUCH more!
  • Personalized websites for each client – detailed info, all in one location. No stone left unturned!
  • Direct contact with Robyn – email and phone communication, directly with your agent – not a different person each time.
  • Advanced Dining Reservations – She will make them for you! Based on your feedback, she will work to put you at the best restaurants Disney has to offer!
  • Magical Express, ground transportation to & from Orlando International
  • Airline Reservations ~ if you need them
  • Travel Insurance
  • Dinner Show Reservations

That is more than I plan for my own trip, and I’m bananas! If you’re planning a Disney trip, or think it sounds too overwhelming, or even if you want help pricing a vacation with discounts, send Robyn an e-mail today. What have you got to lose? It isn’t your sanity! I’ve got that part covered! Though I’m thinking next year I might just take a break from the crazy and let Robyn take the reigns. I’ll save all my crazy for when we meet Aladdin. WHAT?! DON’T JUDGE ME!

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  • I flagged this in my email for our next trip. We went for the first time in November- I have to go back!! Five days wasn’t enough.