Get ready to Move it, Move it! with “All Hail King Julien”, Netflix’s new animated series!

First came the Madagascar movies, then the sneaky Penguins got their own TV series and now even their own movie- but what is the one thingjulien that was left out? Uhhh, the KING! Only everyone’s favorite sassy character from Madagascar, King Julien, is getting his very own original Netflix series! Starting on December 19th, get ready to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! with All Hail King Julien- with a whole new cast of colorful characters, aka penguin free (because seriously, I’m on penguin overload here)!

The series looks like a LOT of fun and my kids are pretty amped. Check out the trailer for yourself here!

My kids love the Madagascar movies but never much cared for the penguins and their shenanigans, so this is right up their alley.

Since we’re not good at waiting, we’e been biding our time until the premiere by watching NEW episodes of another Netflix original series- Turbo Fast! I really love that Netflix isn’t just creating entertainment for adults, because my kids INHALE the current selection on Netflix and are always looking for something new and original to enjoy (and I’m always looking for something to keep them out of my hair for 5 consecutive seconds)



Like us and can’t wait for the wacky antics of Julien, Maurice, and Mort on December 19th? Try these fabulous suggestions out!

Gear up for the holidays with King Julien’s friends from Madagascar…


…or snuggle up with a few holiday favorites:

Curious George
in search of santa

And for teens and parents…

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