Kids are CREEPY- 15 Stories by Parents Who Should Sleep with One Eye Open


Kids are creepy. Don’t believe me? Then tell me why every other horror movie that comes out has a creepy ass kid that haunts your nightmares for years in it? The Omen ring a bell? How about Children of the Corn? Children of the Damned? The Ring? The Grudge? Poltergeist? The Exorcist?

If those didn’t convince you that what I say is true (or if it did and you’d just like confirmation that your kid isn’t the only one in the world who scares the pee-pee out of you from time to time)- these creepy-as-hell stories below submitted by parents should do the trick!

Sleep with one eye open!!

I was at my moms house one day with my son babysitting my brother. While I was in the kitchen starting to fix lunch with my son on my hip, I told my brother who was 2 at the time to come get his plate. He looked dead at me and said  “I can’t Bree-bree they’re holding me down.”
I was like uh what? He said “They’re holding me down right here.” and tapped his shoulder, so I slowly walked into the room. Immediately, my son started screaming at the top of his lungs, so I reached out to my brother and took his hand to pull him off the floor and he wouldn’t budge. I started screaming for my son’s dad. He came running in and it took every thing he had to pull my brother off of the floor, and as soon as I walked out of that room, the baby stopped crying.
-Bridgette Keen

My husband is working out of town. I decided to get my three year old out of his depression by putting up the Christmas tree early. I told him don’t touch the ornaments because some are glass and they will break. Later he looks me in the eye and says “mommy that Christmas bell will break and cut your neck and you die, then my daddy will come home to me!”. Yeah, he’s not sleeping in the bed with me anymore.
-Amanda W.

My niece Kaycee, who was five at the time, asked my mom for a set of blue dolphins my mom had. Mom tells her that when she dies, she will make sure Kaycee gets them. In the sweetest voice ever Kaycee tells grandma, “I can’t wait till you die!” Needless to say my mom gave them to her then!
-Shama Sparks

The creepiest thing my middle son said once was during Halloween. I was peeling grapes for a bowl full of eyeballs and in his totally best gage channeling voice he says ” don’t worry mommy…I would never peel YOUR skin off”. Left me with a total alrighty then moment. All I could say was thank you.
-Renee Stevens

My 5 year old niece had been acting absolutely terrible for weeks. Her mother (my sister) asked her why she had been SO bad. Her answer… “Thedamien Devil told me to do it while I was asleep. He is in here.” She pointed at her heart… As if we weren’t already thinking she was possessed!!!

My 4 year old son was sitting on the couch with our dog, hugging him nicely (for once) it was sunny and beautiful outside and the sun was shining through the window onto them (it was kind of an adorable image to see). Then he says “Wilfred, I want to crush your bones”. Everyone in the room stopped and just looked at him, and he’s just sitting there, still hugging the dog, all nice and shit.
-Kristin Zelms

I am now 6 months pregnant and I have a 3 year old brother, but before I found out I was pregnant, I came home one day and my little brother pointed at my belly and said “dead baby Hancceeee!!” (Hance because he could say my name correctly).

My 2 1/2 year old (at the time. She’s almost 5 now) looked at me and said “Mommy I’m glad I found you. I hope you don’t die in a fire like my other mommy. Her screams were really loud. I hope you don’t die like her.”
-Brittany Ray

I was watching TV after putting both kids to bed, and about an hour later I hear foot steps upstairs where their rooms are. I go up to check and Dana, the smaller one (5) is sitting outside her bedroom door looking sad. I ask her what’s wrong and she turned, very seriously and says “it told me to get out.” So I say who and she goes “the voice”. I’m very scared at this point but I go inside, I check the window to make sure it’s closed (it is), I check inside the closet (nothing there). I get on all fours and look under the bed, duh there’s nothing there! I come up… And I turn… SHE’S STANDING RIGHT ABOVE ME and says “it’s inside you now”!! Then proceeds to get in her bed, covers herself with her blanket and goes to sleep.
I never asked her if she remembered that. I’d rather not. But I’m still scared to check under her bed.
-Gaby Amalfitano


My 4 year old Lila, woke me up a couple of weeks ago, telling me “Mama, Marky says you have to prepare the meat for din dins now. Marky is hungry. Hungry for meat. Mama’s meat. NOW!!!!!” 
1) Lila is autistic, so she doesn’t speak fluently except for in two or three word bursts…. By this point, I was scared.
2) we are vegetarians. Lila has never had meat.
3) Lila has never mentioned any ‘Marky’ to me.
4) Lila has only ever lived with me. We have never had room mates or anyone.

I am terrified of this child!
-Ash Gibbs


When hurricane Irene came through in 2011 we “evacuated” (it was our first hurricane) to Durham NC. The second night there I left to go to the store and left my husband and two girls at the hotel. My husband says the power went out and Paisley (then 3) was intently watching the door and kept nodding her head. Marty asked her if there was something there. She says “yes, the lady”. What lady? What did the lady say to you? (Mind you, there is no freaking lady at the door.) “The lady says she comes with death.” He made her repeat it like five times and she was getting pissed.  Then she says “The lady says everything will be okay.” Literally three seconds later the power came back on and two minutes later I got back.My husband was so freaked out and *still* gets a little freaked when he tells it.
-Jenny Jones


I had my 4 year old niece staying over and around 4am she sits up bolt straight, looked me dead in the eye, and said “my favourite colour is blood” and held the stare. The next morning I not only thanked the gods for not being slaughtered, I told my sister she should call a Priest.


My 6 year old stood right next to me, staring me down with a serious almost menacing face while I was reading a book. I looked up and said, “What’s up, buddy?” He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Your magic is false magic.” Then he backed backed out of the room slowly, giving me that same look.
-Amy Kalberg


Lydia, 4 years old: “I want to cut your face off with a knife and scissors so that I can keep it with me forever!” 
-Kendall Hascue (who “didn’t sleep much after that”)


“Mommy I’m gonna live with you until I’m 35, or you’re dead”… He’s 22 and still here.
-Gillian Mersereau


I don’t know about y’all, but that last one was the most terrifying to me!

Do YOU have a creepy kid story? Post it below in the comments!


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  • Creepiest thing my 2.5 year old does is laugh at nothing. 1 minute quietly playing the next doing nothing but laughing toys untouched.

  • How am I supposed to sleep after reading tha!?!? I’m freaked out!

  • My 15yo was in my room one night, lights out with just the hall light shinning through, when he decided to start aggravating me for his entertainment purposes. He stood in front of my vanity mirror and said, “I’m not leaving here until I see something pass by!” It scared me but, I got the last laugh when I made him sleep on the floor in my room. His apologies and begging didn’t change my mind either!

  • I had my children watching t.v. while I was finishing up the house chores. I hear the t.v. channels flipping back and forth and my daughter who was 3 (now 15) arguing with someone… Saying,” no, stop, I don’t wanna watch that.. I wanna watch this. I said stop! Leave it alone! ” So,I go into the living room and see my son sleep on the couch and my daughter looking at something. I asked her if she was arguing with her brother. She said “No mommy, it was my friend and she turned my show. But she stopped now.” What was I to do but say,”ok, glad she stopped!”

  • Creepiest thing my 3yr old said was look mommy at my sister ( I was 3 mths prego) I said yes she’s growing in mommy’s tummy he said no mommy she’s floating on the ceiling look mommy there her goes bye bye lil sister… I lost the baby that week…

  • I stepped outside for a smoke quickly, felt my house got too quite after just a minute or two. Went to go walk in and my 3 yr old daughter is standing there with a small butchers knife. I asked what she was doing, she looked at me with these hollow eyes and asked, “Mommy, do you want to play?” I asked her if Mommy could please have to knife, to which she actually debated it by looking at me, the knife, then back to me and handed it over….. Needless to say, unless you’re me, you won’t find a knife or sciccors in sight in my house….

  • Lastt year on Christmas Eve, my 5 year old and I were making cookies for Santa. I had a pan on the counter, and was scooping cookies onto a plate so they could cool. I then scooped some onto a plate for my son. We were standing there eating cookies, and laughing about something we were talking about. Out of nowhere, the plate (LOADED with cookies) starts to slowly slide across the counter…we immediately stopped laughing and stared in silence. The plate proceeded to slide about 4 feet before it stopped at the very edge of the counter. I looked at my son and said, “You saw that right?? You saw that I wasn’t touching it?!” To which he replied, “Yeah! It was Santa!” Now I know that if a plate is wet, it will “float” a few inches over the counter. I picked the plate up, felt the bottom, AND the counter. They were bone DRY.

  • my god daughter can be the scariest kid alive she did quite a cute drawing oof a cat or rainbow or something similar when she wwas about 3, she then got the black pen and scribbled all over it, when asked why she said “lily-rose telled me to, like she tells me when to be naughty”… creepy enough… nope!

    she then went on to say “i have to call her lily-rose cos people dont like her when they find out her real name” whats that we ask (very stupidly) the faace of an angel then replies “emily rose”. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Creepiest thing.. I think that’s happened to me was my husband was away in the field (just figures its always when he is away!!) and I had just crawled into bed. My daughter, who was just turning two at the time, screams. Full out bloody murder screams. I bolted, nearly tripping and landing in my closet to race to her room. I barge in and ask what was wrong. With tears in her eyes, she pointed to her half open closet (which I closed that mofo before I put her to bed!) and said in such a sad voice ” the bad man is in there. The bad man make a big scary face.. I no like him mama. Make the bad man go away”. And yes I was fucking terrified!

  • My 6 yr old daughter and i are currently living with my sister and her husband. The house we live in belonged to my brother in laws parents before they died. My daughter (like all little girls) has tons of stuffed animals. She had just gotten a new one for Valentine’s day from her daddy and she carried it into the living room when my sis her husband and i are watching tv. She says “mom i finally named her! Her name is Rosella!” turns and goes back into our room. My sis and brother in law look at each other with these crazy expressions. I say “what?” my sister says “Janet’s (my sister’s mother in law) middle name is Rosella. No one knew because she hated it.” It also doesnt help that the doors of our house open and shut on their own and things move around by themselves.