Celebrate the holidays with Busch Gardens at Christmas Town!

It’s officially the holiday season! Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg VA) has opened Christmas Town- their annual park-wide holiday celebration. As a Busch Gardens Blog Ambassador, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I had never been in all 5 seasons (this is the 6t064h)!

To be honest, I just don’t like the cold, and I’m kind of a bah-humbugger. I only recently started really getting back into Christmas (of course I loved it as a kid)- but I’m still apprehensive to haul out the holly and let the yule tide roll in. I don’t even know if that makes sense. ANYWAY- when I got the invitation to preview the 6th year of Christmas Town, I was both excited (because I’d never been and I LOVE BG) and apprehensive (because BRRR and Bah Humbug!)

If I had to sum up the 6th year of Christmas Town in one sentence, it would have to go a little something like this: “Suck up your Scrooge-ness and go to Christmas Town, but DRESS WARMLY!”

The best thing about Christmas Town is that it appeals to all ages. You never EVER get too old to gaze upon millions of lights (they have 9 million, no joke), sip on hot cocoa, eat S’Mores (they have S’More stands, not even kidding!) and listen to Christmas music. But that’s not all! Busch Gardens also has a pretty sweet penguin exhibit. Yes, penguins!! Eeee! You can see them for free (and MAN are they cute!) but if you want to PET A PENGUIN (yes! Pet one!), you can purchase an Insiders Tour, I highly recommend! There are also all kinds of shows to behold, including a new one in the revamped Globe Theater called “Scrooge No More!” (sounds like my kind of show, right? We unfortunately had to miss it, so you will have to go and report back to me!)









Once the sun went down, it was time to watch the tree lighting ceremony and then take in the lights!



Das Festhaus in Germany looked BEAUTIFUL!










Finally, it was time to go to the Fireside Feast with Santa; a buffet with a show (of sorts)- dine on traditional holiday fare (turkey with gravy, SO good, mashed potatoes, stuffing, the works!) while being entertained by elves, Mrs. Clause, and Santa himself reads “The Night Before Christmas”. At one point, Holden turned to me and said “Is this for real, or am I dreaming?” so yeah, you could say it was pretty darn magical! Each kid in the audience also gets a chance to go on stage and meet Santa and give him a run down of their wish lists. After dinner, Mrs. Clause and Jolly the elf (who was horrified when Parker told him that the hot dog he’d gotten looked like a wiener. Yes, THAT kind of wiener) passed out cookies. Two, because what else do you have two hands for??







It was late after dinner, and it was time go go home for us, but there was still so much to see, sooooo I’m thinking this Bah Humbugger is going to have to go back to Christmas Town again. You can go, too- Christmas Town is open through December 31st! Find out more here: Busch Gardens Christmas Town.

Hope to see you there, and happy holidays!

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