Squeeze in some family time with Netflix!

My kids can’t stand each other. There. That wasn’t as much like pulling off a bandaid as I thought it would be. They just don’t get along. Call it typical sibling rivalry, call it butting heads, call it ANNOYING. Let’s just say I was more than relieved when school started and those two began spending more time apart. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Yeahhh….. maybe not.

I needed help, maybe something to reconnect them, get them to stop hitting and yelling and yanking and complaining and tattling. Obviously, no physical object was going to do that. Not even a day at an amusement park helped!

It’s like Netflix has this sixth sense of when I’m about to snap and they swoop in with my monthly assignment at the exact right time.
This month’s subject? FAMILY TIME! Curl up with the family and get in some of the time you’ve been missing with work and school and sports and errands and whatever other crap has been piled on top of your family now that school is in session.

I let my kids pick from the always-growing list of titles Netflix offers, and we all plopped down on the couch on a VERY rainy and glum Monday afternoon to watch “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” (which we’ve seen at least 3 times, but that never stops them from wanting to see it again).

About 30 minutes in, I dozed off. WHAT?! Don’t judge me! It was a LONG weekend; amusement park, remember?? But when I woke up toward the end of the movie, the boys were laughing. And not just at the movie, but looking at each other and laughing TOGETHER. Had aliens abducted my children mid-movie?
Not that I wouldn’t invite such a thing on the brattier days, but sometimes, the mutual love of a movie can bring two enemies together better than anything else.
Now… if only Thor and Loki could figure that out, maybe those brothers could get along, too- though I doubt that would make for a movie my kids would want to see. They like explosions. And food animals.

Needing some Family TLC time? Netflix has a movie for that! Here are some selections appropriate for kids of all ages (even you!):

Netflix Titles for Family Movie or TV Night

For your little kids:

Pirate-Fairy -The- AKA--Tinker-Bell-And-The-Pirate-Fairy  EN US 571x800
Hoodwinked EN US 571x800
boxshot 70225583 en US
boxshot 60025453 en US
EN US 571x800 60011264 The-Muppet-Movie

For your big kids:

70309458 9735545
EN US 571x800 The Avengers NO-Cast
SMURFS-2 EN US 571x800
EN US 571x800 70155581 Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars
Netflix-FreeBirds English571x800
EN US 571x800 70281343 Mako-Mermaids-An-H2O-Adventure

For teens (and you!):

boxshot 384406 en US
The-Breakfast-Club EN US 571x800
Friday-Night-Lights S5 EN US 571x800
S4 CW VAM Netflix 571x800 NE
OriginalJpeg Ferris-Buellers-Day-Off EN 571x800 copy
EN US 571x800 60034573 13-Going-On-30
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