The best thing you can do for your kids is to GIVE UP on them

How many times have you wanted to throw your hands up in the air and scream “I GIVE throwUP!” at the top of your lungs because your kids just won’t listen, or do, or think, or STOP- FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST STOP?
How many times have you wanted to do that TODAY?

Don’t lie. It’s okay. I won’t judge.

For me- it’s five. Five times today and it’s not even 2pm as I write this.

This summer has been a serious test of my nerves, patience, and sanity. I love my children dearly, but they are driving me absolutely bonkers. Batshit crazy. Insane. BANANAS! I’M GOING BANANAS, PEOPLE!

The boys are 2 years and 2 weeks apart, and I swear most days it seems like ALL they do is fight. As much as I fought with my 22 months older brother growing up, I just can’t wrap my mind around WHY my two fight all the time. They have similar interests, they love playing with the same toys, they agree on just about everything- but insist instead on fighting and bitching and whining and tattling.

Not that I consider myself the most patient person, but honestly, this shit would drive ANYONE up the wall. Even Mary fucking Poppins. She’d have hit them over the head with her damn umbrella by now. Stop laughing! I’m not kidding!
I don’t understand how anyone could think that the best way to spend a summer vacation is by fighting with their brother non-stop, but that’s really not the point. The point is- my patience wore out last month and we still have weeks to go and I really don’t know how much more I can take before I go from Mean ol’ Mommy to GTFO OF MY HOUSE Mommy. I might occasionally find Mean Mommy to be a downright HOOT, but GTFO Mommy isn’t fun for anyone. She gives me a damn headache.

There is really only one thing to do in this situation; the one thing that is best for the mental health  and safety of everyone: GIVE UP. Throw your hands up into the air and just GIVE THE HELL UP. There is nothing to gain by trying to break up the argument, get the whining to stop, issuing another time out, or whatever it is that has GTFO Mommy screaming to be let loose. Give up. Screw’em!

You might think I’m crazy, and that’s quite possible at this point, but humor me for a moment. Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath in through your mouth. Now, close your eyes and let it out as you feel the calm of giving up wash over you. None of that shit making you want to snap matters anymore. It’s not your problem!

How do you feel? A billion times calmer?
Great! Now, go take care of the whiny turdtastrophe going on in your house. YEAAAHHH, you have to, but at least you’re in more of a zen-like state and can handle it more rationally now.

Who said make believe is just for kids?

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  • School starts soon
    School starts soon

    You’re ALMOST THERE!

    Totally feel you. And I work full time.. The summer does something to the children.. it makes them ornery…

    You got this. Just push a little longer!

  • As I always say:
    If you are not yelling at your kids you are not spending enough time with them.
    Congrats you are a great mum!