A lesson of Kindness and Acceptance before the school year begins with Netflix!

As we send our children back to school, we sit and hope NOT to receive the phone call that our precious baby has had an incident with one of their new classmates. Or…. that’s what I worry about, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are sweet and loving little humans, but toss them into a classroom of strangers after they’ve been fighting ALL FRIGGIN’ SUMMER, and… well… anything is possible.

That’s why, when I received this month’s assignment from Netflix to teach them about kindness and acceptance of others, I thought “PERFECT TIMING!”

Out of an array of selections, I picked “Mulan”- did you expect anything else?? The story of one woman saving her father’s life by taking his place in the war against the Huns. She chances death in battle, and if she is found out, because women at that time were not respected nor considered equal.

It’s one Disney movie the boys have never been able to actually sit through. I don’t know why, exactly- but I told them this time it was homework and they HAD to watch, because it had lessons they desperately needed to learn in it.  What happened was unexpected, and wonderful.

As I tried to explain to them what was going on, why Mulan running off and joining the army was a big deal and why she could never be found out, they couldn’t really wrap their heads around it. They just could not, for the life of them, understand a time when women didn’t have the same rights as men, or why they wouldn’t.
“Women can do anything men can do!” Holden said at one point.

By the end, they were cheering for Mulan in a very “I told you so!” kind of way. I guess a movie about respecting women as equals wasn’t the right choice, because they already see women that way, which makes me pretty darn proud.

If you think your kids could use a quick lesson before entering the halls of school for the year, Netflix has an array of different movies, shows, and even an original series for all ages!

12 Netflix Titles to Promote Kindness and Acceptance

For your big kids:


Want even more titles about kindness and acceptance? Our friends at Common Sense Media have shared a list of TV and movie titles that teach empathy – check out the list here.

And your little ones:

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