Why all parents should take advantage of naps


We parents have busy lives; if it’s not something the kids need, it’s a chore that needs to be done or an errand that needs to be run. We have trouble even finding time to sit down and EAT- and no, eating the left over crust from your kid’s sandwich doesn’t count- so I can understanding how trying to find a chunk of free time for a nap seems like an impossibility. Well, I’m here to tell you that you NEED to!

Do the stupid dishes later! They need to soak anyway! The carpet isn’t going to cuss you out if you don’t vacuum it LIKERIGHTNOW. Cut out one of your endless errands; do you REALLY need to get all the way to the grocery store 6 hours before dinner to pick up a head of lettuce? No. No you don’t. It can ALL wait. What cannot wait is nap time. Stop the frickin’ presses and get it done!

If you haven’t experienced this magical thing called “nap time” in the recent past, you may be aware of just how powerful it truly is. Even if you’re not really all that tired (pssshhhh!), the benefits still tip the scale.

After a nice relaxing nap, the world doesn’t seem so annoying… and by the world, of course, I mean your children. Yay! We like our kids again! Those dishes you didn’t wash aren’t such an obnoxious task to complete. Errands? Yeah, you’re gonna own the shit out of those errands!

Naps can turn a bad day right around, it doesn’t even matter if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Dare I say- if there were naps in every parental home around the world, there would be WORLD PEACE!

Try it! I’m pretty sure you will find out that I am 5,000% correct! You walk up to that little human of yours and tell them in no uncertain terms “YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE A NAP TODAY BECAUSE A GOOD NAP EVERY DAY CAN CHANGE MY LIFE AND DAMNIT, I DESERVE IT!”

Oh… I hope you didn’t think I meant for YOU to take a nap. Pfffffffffffft, as if THAT would ever happen! Besides, any time I’ve ever taken a nap as an adult, I wake up with cotton-mouth worse than Snoop Dog or Lion or whatever the hell he is today, a massive mind-altering headache, and having NO idea how long I’ve been asleep or what year it is. I would never recommend that! It’s just AWFUL!
I DO, however, recommend you force your crotchfruit to take one, though! I look forward to nap time every single day, and every day after, I feel like a new person! A new person who actually has PATIENCE! It’s a fucking MIRACLE!



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  • You’re a tease Jenny. Not cool.

  • Yesterday was a scorcher where I live and my hubby and I tackled cleaning the garage. My kids were happily playing and splashing in the pool. I was exhausted and sweating in a pool of my own sweat and then my 3 year toddler said those magical words “Mommy I tired, I need a nap!” I settled him down and worked with a speed and agility of a teenager and got the garage clean enough to park my truck. I LOVE nap times!!!