Summer TV programming for kids on Netflix, without the Mommy Guilt!

Can you believe it’s July already?? The summer is nearly half over and it only feels like it’s just begun! This also means the summer isn’t even half over and the kids have already made me lose track of time. And my brain. And my patience.

As much as I’d love nothing more than to toss them out the back door and tell them to keep themselves busy- I live in the south, and the south is HOT. Not just hot, but humid. This summer has proven to be trying to break a record for “most days that feel like the underworld”, and when it’s so nasty out that you can hardly breathe the thick air, I can’t in good conscience toss the kids out there. Dangit.

This means we are stuck indoors. Sweet angel of mercy take me now! They have been driving me NUTS! I have often got to the point where I just let them crack out on the boob tube. Don’t judge me! I need my peace!
After a while, this little thing we parents like to call “Mommy Guilt” begins to kick in, though- and I realize I am melting their brains inside just as badly as I’d be melting their bodies outside… so what to do?!

Thank you cheezus for Netflix and their vast array of programming. One quick search through their library and I was able to pull up a massive buttload of educational shows and movies for the boys to watch about dinosaurs. Now, I’m not talking the kind of educational programming that is slow and boring and makes you want to spoon out your eyeballs just so you don’t have to watch any more- but the kind of educational programming that kids don’t really KNOW is educational. Aka- the best thing EVER.

Now, I’m building up their brain power during this painfully long (yet somehow short) summer break, AND getting that much-needed peace and quiet WITHOUT the overbearing Mommy Guilt.

If you are having trouble keeping the kids busy without melting your brain or theirs- I HIGHLY suggest you check out what Netflix has to offer!

Here are some suggestions!

10 Netflix Titles for a Summer Brain-Power Boost

For your big kids:

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1. Lewis & Clark: The Journey Out West
2. Walking with Dinosaurs
3. Secret Yellowstone
4. The Blue Planet
5. When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions

Want even more brain-boosting titles? Our friends at Common Sense Media shared 12 age-appropriate documentaries that encourage kids to explore worlds they may not normally encounter, all currently streaming on Netflix – check out the list here.


And your little ones:

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