The HoldinHolden.com redesign contest! Vote for your favorite!

The finalists have been chosen!


I just want to take a time out before we get to the voting to say thank you to everyone who entered, shared, and helped me get the word out about this contest. This is the first BIG step in a new chapter of my life. I started Holdin’ Holden not just to hopefully make my family a little extra spending money (key word: hopefully!) but because I really felt ALONE in the way I felt about parenthood. Turns out, I’m not!

Over the past 5+ years, we’ve (yes, WE!) have been an amazing community of supportive parents with great senses of humor, and I am SO excited to see what the future holds!

SO, let’s kick this off with a fresh new design for this not-so little anymore blog.

I loved ALL of the entries (and yes, I even offered guidance which is why you might see a similar theme), but had to choose 3 to vote on. I think everyone who entered is worth checking out if you’re ever in need of a creative re-design, and I’ll be linking them all below for you to peruse!

Your job is to pick the design you think most represents this blog! We are looking for fresh, fun, and eye catching, but also simple and clean! Something that really captures the feeling of this here blog. Keep in mind, none of these are completely finished solidified designs/ideas!


SO, here we go!


Finalist #1, Michelle of Crumpets and Bollocks
HH Logo


Finalist #2: Jacilynn Roland (I hope to have a link for her soon!)

HoldinHolden2 (1)



Finalist #3: Ami Miller & Matt Bell from PA Web Designs (to get into contact with Matt, just ask me and I’ll put you in touch!)


Vote for your favorite by using the form below!


The winner will be announced THIS Friday, so make sure you get your vote in ASAP!

I also want to give some seriously special shout outs to some designers who put a lot of work into their submissions and let me bug the crap out of them with suggestions; it’s never easy to narrow down results when everyone is hard working and awesome!

– Drew Hubbard- a lovely friend who made some kick-ass designs I may be using in the future!
– Stephlton- who will be starting her own web-comic very soon!
– Jennifer Paquette – a friend who whipped up something just to help me out, you are fantastical!

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