My feature on Student-Tutor.com – My most embarrassing school memory!

Last week I received an e-mail from Student-Tutor.com saying they wanted to feature me on their website for their “Classroom Comedy” series.

OF COURSE I SAID YES! A FEATURE? Lil’ ol me?? Why, I never! *fans face*

They wanted to know what was my funniest memory from school. It could have been a story about a wacky teacher, or a prank by a classmate, really anything! I wracked my brain leading up to the phone interview with the lovely Dressler, a writer at Student Tutor, and here is the piece she wrote on the story I decided to tell!

Hint: It’s not a story from MY school days- but one from Holden’s!
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Jenny Schoberl – “Ellen Show…And Tell”!

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