Holdin’ Holden website LOGO contest!

Things are quickly changing around here, y’all! I officially became agented yesterday, and we are already getting down to business (but not defeating the Huns. Don’t tell me you didn’t sing it in your head!)

First on our to-do list? Redesign this website!


Although Thomas and I threw this website together ourselves, we are not professionals, so when it comes to gussying this place up in hopes of really catching an Editor’s eye, I’m thinking I should leave it to those who REALLY know what they’re doing- and that ain’t us.

So- I am looking for someone to help us out, and don’t worry- there is definitely something in it for you! More than one something! If you are a graphic/website designer (or dabble!) or know someone who is- this might just be the contest for you!

What we need: A new look to this place! And fast! It’s time to really start new, since we are looking for a home for my new book- so the focus can no longer be on “Musings…”- let’s just focus on the blog! This is a fun, and brutally honest blog about parenthood that holds absolutely nothing back. If you’ve read the blog before, that’s awesome, because you have a feel for who I am, and I really want the site to reflect that!

No more busy background- something clean, professional and polished, but eye catching!


I’m sure you’re wondering! You don’t have to re-design my site to enter, that’s only if you win!
All you have to do to enter is create a Holdin’ Holden logo for what your vision of what the new site would look like! Of course, it has to say Holdin’ Holden, but nothing else is mandatory. My new tag line is “Brutally honest humor for the imperfect parent” – so if you want to incorporate that, you can! Or come up with your own! “Brutally honest parenting truths- because sometimes, kids suck”

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can keep it simple. My agent suggested clean with bright colors and a white background. I would like for it to be fun!

Your entry does not have to be a polished finished product!
I’m also open to questions if you have any to help you along in your logo design!

My agent and I will pick 5 finalists, and then my lovely readers will get to vote on those 5 and the one with the most is the winner!



I’m sure you’re wondering that, too! EVERYONE who enters will be mentioned or linked (if you have a business website/facebook page, so send that in too!) on this blog, and the 5 finalists should see some increased traffic, since I will be linking back to you in the voting post with your design- but that’s just icing on the cake!

The prizes are:
1. My undying gratitude
2. 3 free months of adspace here on HoldinHolden.com
3. My shameless pimping of you on all of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+)
4. A signed copy of my first book, “Musings of a 20-Something Mom” and other Holdin’ Holden goodies
5. Bragging rights! Your design might help me land a publishing deal! WOO!


I am really excited to see what you all come up with, and I hope you have tons of fun! Submit your entries by sending them to my e-mail address: holdinholden@yahoo.com !

Due to the time sensitive nature of this process- the submission period ends in one week on 6/18!***
****EXTENDED! I understand this is not exactly SIMPLE, so you now have until the end of Sunday (6/22) to submit. I cannot extend farther than that, but I hope this gives you a little more time if you were wanting to enter but crunched for time!


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