Pig out around the world at the 2014 Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival!


Last year, when I was invited to try out the brand new Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens, I was thrilled! Admittedly, I’d never been a huge fan of most theme park food, so to get something new and exciting at my home away from home (aka BG) was an exciting time for me.

For their first year, Busch Gardens did an AMAZING job, and there were many dishes I looked forward to trying again all year long after it ended. With its great success, Busch Gardens wanted to go even bigger and better this year. The head chef Justin Watson told us bloggers at the F&WF reception that they wanted to add enough to their menu this year so that everyone would be able to try something new. Mission accomplished!

I have yet to sample all of the delicious menu items in every country (and you better believe I plan to!)- but here are my current favorites for this year!


From Scandinavia (in Ireland)


And you can’t forget a refreshing Dirty Shirley!



From Canada, in New France-
The cheddar lager chowder (a favorite from last year, and still amazing!)

And the brand new Pemeal Macaroni & Cheese with Canadian bacon. YUM!!!


From the brand new country this year- The American Southwest- a fish taco. I’m not much on fish, but this was delicious!
020023They also have a chocolate lava cake with chilies in it (for flavor, but to burn off your tastebuds!) that I have heard AMAZING things about! Next time!

We stopped off in Belgium for beer and a Chocolate Belgian  almond Waffle with berry compote! The boys pretty much inhaled it.


Another new country this year, voted on by the fans of Busch Gardens (and I’m so glad they did!) the Caribbean!
We tried the Shrimp Fritters and they were DELICIOUS!!


I went home that day feeling fat and happy! But not too fat, BG did an amazing job with their portion sizes so you could sample a lot of things and not feeling like exploding. If you live near Williamsburg Virginia.. hell, even if you don’t- haul your hiney over to BG’s Food & Wine Festival (and catch a showing of London Rocks while you’re there), you won’t regret it! Your pants might not thank me, but your tummy will!

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  • This is all looks so delicious!!! As a Canadian I’m proud to see that cheese, bacon, and beer were represented for Canada. ❤️ Wow if I ever plan a trip out that way I’m definitely hitting up Busch Gardens. Thanks for a another fabulous blog.