Nifty Thrifty Sale GIVEAWAY!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing something TOTALLY INSANE… but fun! And awesome!

I’ll admit it right here and now- I’m addicted to shopping at thrift stores. Thrifting is frickin’ great, man. Problem is, I filled my closet. Actually, I BEYOND filled it. I have so much that I’m not even sure I can wear it all. But.. but…but…. I still wanna thrift!

Solution? Thrifting for others! I still get the rush of getting a good deal, AND I get to pass on that good deal to others. It’s friggin’ fantastical! I call it my Nifty Thrifty sales, and they’re a blast!

Another problem? Unfortunately, yes. As much as my lovely friends and followers love shopping, the fact is, no one else should have clothes they might not be able to wear because they have too many- so I need to expand just a wee bit.

Another solution? YES! A giveaway! A Nifty Thrifty giveaway!

The winner of this special giveaway gets FIRST DIBS on any item** in any upcoming Nifty Thrifty sale. Dibs for FREE. Any item the winner sees that they want is theirs before the sale begins. They can save it and use it at any future Nifty Thrifty sale if they don’t see something they like right away. OR, they can tell me what they like and I will go shopping FOR them! No whining husbands, screaming children, or rack upon rack of disappointment.
(**does not include auction items, which are rare. Like.. has only happened once. So it might not happen again)

Not sure if you’ll like my style? Here are some pictures of awesome items that have already found new homes for DIRT cheap!






So, who’s ready to win?? Maybe I’ll even throw in a “crotchfruit on board sticker”
Entering is super easy, and there are ALL kinds of ways to earn extra entries. Let’s go shopping! Enter to win by using the Rafflecopter widget below! Entry period is from 8:45pm EST 5/16 to 8:45pm EST on 5/20. Good luck!
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