I conquered the Colossal Curl at Water Country USA! And there is VIDEO of it!

In my last post, I wrote about going on a hard hat tour of the brand new show “London Rocks” at Busch Gardens Europe. Well, that is not the only hard hat tour I went on that day! Me and my fellow media types (snort, me- media??? I’ll take that as a compliment!) were also taken to the construction site of Water Country USA’s first ever family thrill 035ride- Colossal Curl.

While walking the grounds (and looking pretty snazzy if ya ask me), we were told all about the ride’s unique features, like the giant funnel called a Tantrum that swings the riders (4 in a cloverleaf shaped raft) back and forth, and a steep drop that propels the raft up a 40ft wave. It all sounds awesome, right?


I mean- just LOOK at it!





Much to my surprise, it wasn’t nearly as intimidating without water as it was the morning we all walked in to see it in its finished glory, and got ready to take some of the first rides on the Colossal Curl. Did I mention we bloggers were supposed to do this with a camera man?
holdenCCHolden was BEYOND excited because he is taller than the 48 inches tall a person must be to ride. I didn’t get to ride with him because of the filming- but I did HEAR him. He has ridden rollercoaster after rollercoaster, even dropped on Mach Tower, and has never made a peep. Colossal Curl broke that record. He screamed like a little girl. I didn’t do much better- here is the video of my ride!

Yeah, so… I nearly died. But in a good way! I think the smiles say it all. I conquered the curl! Can you?? I think it’s definitely worth a shot!

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