Busch Gardens Europe’s new show “London Rocks”… well… rocks!


I’ve considered Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg Virginia my second home pretty much my entire life. I spent EVERY day there many summers, and I know the place like the back of my hand. In all of those 30 years, there has never been live entertainment in The Globe Theater in England (right beyond the park entrance). It’s always been 4d shows. From Sesame Street to haunted lighthouses, to Pirates starring Leslie Nielsen, I’ve seen them all, and then one day- there was nothing. The theater was empty, with no “coming soon” on the front. It wasn’t until months later the name “London Rocks!” started showing up, and not until I became a Busch Gardens Blog Ambassador that I got the inside scoop, an invite to the hart had tour of the set, and a ticket to the first show!





Getting to see the story boards and the set before the actors were brought in really didn’t even come CLOSE to giving an idea of the spectacle London Rocks was going to be.
When  you think “theme park show”- does Broadway level talent and story come to mind? Not so much for me. Most are just a way to get out of the blistering summer sun for about 20 minutes. London Rocks is a show people will be WANTING to see, and not just for the air conditioning.

London Rocks is the story of a girl named Lucy. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say yes, In the Sky With Diamonds.

It follows along her life and you watch her grow up and see all the ways that Rock & Roll influenced her life throughout the years.

Set changes- most of which is done by projection on the black and white stage I saw during the hard hat tour, costumes, psychedelic musical interludes, dancing lips (yes, dancing lips) and a drum playing octopus, and even a wedding- I’m betting you would see something new with every viewing!
Oh, and puppets. Did I forget the puppets? Those are all worked by the actors of the show. Busch Gardens picked some SERIOUS talent for London Rocks.
Oh, and who could forget the Queen? She gave us etiquette lessons throughout the show; it was frickin’ hilarious.
My kids said it was too loud (even though they watched intently the entire time), but it’s Rock & Roll! It’s SUPPOSED to be loud!
Honestly, London Rocks is a spectacle of epic proportions that you’re just gonna have to see for yourself. I will bet an imaginary dollar that you will walk out singing Beatles tunes and wanting to see it again.

Oh, and they kept some of the special effects in the chairs of the olden’ days in the Globe Theater. 100 extra points for nostalgia! I loved that I can still remember growing up with the 4d Globe shows while watching the new one!


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