My BIGGEST Disney World trip tip- Rent from Orlando Stroller Rentals!


If you have ever been to an amusement park, you have likely seen a cornucopia of different kinds of strollers in the stroller parking areas, or as I like to call them, “stroller city”. Strollers as far as the eye can see!

If you have ever been to an amusement park, you can probably pick out which ones are strollerrentals from the park itself because they stick out like a sore thumb. Big. Clunky. Plastic. Uncomfortable looking. After hours in the hot sun, you can imagine those things would become horribly uncomfortable, and with crowds to push through- horribly irritating. I didn’t want to have to go through that on our first Disney trip 3 years ago, but couldn’t really afford to plunk down a small fortune on a double stroller.

That was when I started to research. What options did I have other than this heinous thing? I mean, if it’s going to cost me all kinds of money PER DAY to rent, it should at least be breathable, should it not? Plastic on a hot day sounds like straight up torture.

After many websites and a LOT of recommendations, I decided on the one that everyone raved about- Orlando Stroller Rentals– and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since!

I honestly cannot imagine a Disney trip without them. Not only are their strollers awesome, high quality, and easy to handle- but unlike those clunky plastic ones, you don’t have to leave them at the front of the park when the day is over. You can stroll your sleeping nugget straight to the tram, bus, helicopter, hovercraft, or whatever mode of transportation you are using, and with a quick yank, collapse it, and put it right into the vehicle with you. No yanking sleeping beauty out of it and then having to carry them. Trust me. It is amazing.
If you don’t believe me- just check the look on this dude’s face:

The one on the left- not the right! I don’t know what he’s doing. I never know what he’s doing.

Oh, and did I mention that Orlando Stroller Rentals will DELIVER your rental stroller to your Orlando resort/hotel and pick it up when you’re done?

I truly believe that the lovely folks at OSR double-stroller-dly (see what I did there??) saved our trip last year when it decided to rain the ENTIRE time with their rain cover. The kids never got wet. I, however… well, let’s just say it took a few months to recover!

As much as I enjoy trying out different restaurants and experiences each time we take the trek back to the land of the giant rat, there is one thing that will NEVER change as long as my kids are whiny enough to claim their legs are “allergic to walking”- and that is Orlando Stroller Rentals.

For a double, single, lightweight, or jogging, just let Orlando Stroller Rentals take care of it. If you’re staying for more than a few days- it’s more affordable than those cheapo thigh-burning plastic park rentals anyway! It’s a no brainer!

410They were happier than they look, trust me!


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