Is Great Wolf Lodge really that great?

If you ask my kids, the answer is a very loud and shriek-y YES!


As someone who lives with chronic pain on a daily basis, the thought of going to a water park- which is where I originally hurt my back (not at GWL)- makes me cringe. Just a little. Still, for some reason, every time I saw an ad for Great Wolf Lodge come on, I had to wonder what it was like. Was it fun? Was it little kid (aka can’t swim yet) friendly? Would I spend a bunch of money to go, show up, and not be able to do anything thanks to my back?

I was pleasantly surprised.

Just one day before leaving for our overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge of Williamsburg, VA. I tweaked my back. When I say tweaked, I mean I was at a pain level of 10 and was completely immobile. Great timing, right? How in the WORLD was I going to be able to handle two days at a water park (since you get to use the water park at 1pm the day of check-in and until 9pm after you check out) when I couldn’t even sit at the dinner table without wanting to cry?

Once we got through the check-in process and pulled the boys away from the Cub Club who were dancing and making balloon animals for all the littles, we found our room and immediately the kids started bugging out to make our way to the water park.

**First- let me give you a piece of advice- no amusement park of any kind is cheap, and Great Wolf Lodge is no exception. There are lots of things to do OTHER than water slides, but they all cost extra. At check in (and I’m sure any time during your stay) there are a few packages offered. Some include all the activities (for example: mini-golf, the create a creature, the arcade, etc.), some only a few. At check-in, they seemed expensive, but they are actually a great deal and I highly recommend snagging one so you can enjoy everything and not have to worry about the cost. We didn’t know much about these upon check-in (my one gripe), and didn’t get one. I regret that now!

The water park was not at all like I thought it would be. I figured like other water parks, there would be huge crowds and crazy lines, especially since we checked in on a Friday- but we never had to wait more than 5 or 6 minutes, and what to my wandering eye did appear? A gigantic hot tub!

Thanks to the short lines (I am not supposed to stand in one place for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time) and the hot tub, I actually had a pretty good time. It’s not quite as big as I thought, but the slides are great, and the water isn’t too shallow, so it’s perfect for little ones, and there are plenty of lifeguards keeping careful watch at all times. I’m a paranoid helicopter mom; I look for things like that!

As for our room- we got a family suite, which is nothing to write home about, but it was clean, spacious, and roomy, and the beds were comfortable, and that’s all that really matters!

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Now for the most important question: would I recommend Great Wolf Lodge? Sure! I think it’s a great place for a weekend getaway, or maybe even a birthday present for a kid!
It is definitely a place we will be visiting again!

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