Horribly Hysterical Inappropriate Artwork by Kids

More times than I can count, Holden has brought home work from school that made me do a double take.

Is that…. That can’t be…. is it??

I often find myself reduced to a snorting puddle on the floor because the drawing, to my twisted adult brain, is SO accidentally inappropriate that I can’t help but to literally ROFL. That was when I had the idea to put together this blog- FULL of the best of the worst of the BEST and most inappropriate artwork by kids, submitted by you readers out there!

Sit back and have a laugh with me! Oh… and put your drink down. Rainbows are only pretty in the sky, and not on computer screens! Y’all are so damn funny that on most of them, I didn’t even have to add my own caption- you all nailed it!
Our first drawing was submitted by Jodi Cliffe. “My 6 yr old son came home from school with this. I wasn’t sure if it was a man with moobs or a penis man. When I asked him he told me it was his dad (my ex). I’ve decided penis man it is!!!”



Next up, a photo submitted by Kimberly Galvin. “My son brought this home from school last week. Not gonna lie, it now sits on our fridge……and I smile every time I see it.”


This one is from Shauna Whiseant who says “This is a picture my 5 year old drew of him and his daddy. My husband said it made him feel like a real dick!”

Up next, a submission from Alicia Sharp! She says “He had to draw the object for the word band and drew a foot pedal and guitar that look like well use your imagination !!!” Well… I suppose of the skin flute is considered a real instrument, this might be spot on!

Jessica Dankmeyer sent in one from Valentines Day. I don’t know that this is the kind of Valentine anyone would hope for! Jessica says “This was one of the Valentines my son got this year. He’s 6. I’m sure the kid was going for something other than shit…what I don’t know. In any case, I laughed for hours.”


Samantha Greenwalt should sleep with one eye open!  “It’s supposed to say ‘Dear mom & dad’ she said she got distracted in class or so she says”


This one was sent in by Courtney Knote-
drawingblog8“My favorite thing to do on my snow day was macing a snow man because it has three balls!”
Well, CLEARLY that snowman had it coming, that three balled weirdo.

From Megan Brennan, “D is for dic… I mean dinosaur!!! My mighty Quinn drew up this beauty- gotta love 6 year olds!”


From Bythia Farside: “a card my daughter made for her pop-pop for father’s day. it’s supposed to be a cake with candles”
Maybe the bakery accidentally sent a bachelorette cake?? Snort!

Check out this one from Natasha Martin! This “was drawn by my 5 yr old daughter Samantha while staying at her granny’s house. Fantastic. Her granny folded it up nicely, and showed it to me when I arrived to pick her up. Granny said she thought it was best to let her dad and I decide how to handle the situation. When he got home that evening we all day down to discuss her artwork.
I said come here let’s talk and I showed her the picture and asked her what it was and she said ‘a picture I drew myself’ and I said but what is it and she said ‘a ballerina’ and I pointed at THAT and said no I mean this what is this and she looked at me like I was crazy and said ‘her leg’ and I said ok but what is THIS and she said ‘A BALLET SHOE’ like I was an idiot…. And I sort of felt like one…. I am pretty sure he father who had been sitting next to us silently nearly passed out from relief.”

Jami Maske submitted this drawing
drawingblog12Was this HO-TEL in the red light district??

This one from Pam Bauckman really hits home for me, because my first name is Virginia. I’ve never had this happen, though! She says- “My niece, Jackie’s daughter Riley has two middle names. Riley is seven years old and in first grade. She was practicing writing her entire name which is: Riley Madisyn Virginia. This is the result of ‘sounding’ out her middle names.”


And one last one, just as a bonus, sent in by Katlyn Pettie, because it made me hard-snort!

“…this isn’t technically something my daughter drew herself but it’s still pretty hilarious! I just found out the sex of my second child yesterday and thought: what better way to share the news! My daughter, Marley didn’t think it was so awesome and I ended up with these instead of those cutesy, extremely artsy ‘normal’ gender reveals lol. P.s what makes it even more funny is Marley has been very…opinionated about NOT wanting a little sister…oops sorry kid!”


Thank you all SO much for sending all of these in- whether it was used above or not- I loved seeing and giggling at all of them!

If your kid ever draws anything horribly, hysterically inappropriate in the future- you know where to send it!

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