Eureka! Science projects and Netflix!

Admittedly, it’s been a long time since I’ve had Netflix. There was no streaming service, and when I first got married, Thomas was just getting DVDs in the mail. It was great, but when a baby on the way and needing to cut costs, it just didn’t seem like it was something necessary to keep. We have cable!
Years passed and another kid was born and both of them learned how to be picky and whine and I found myself cursing at the TV for not having anything on that would subdue them so I could just cook some frickin’ dinner. Or nothing that I could stomach sitting through in exchange for peace and quiet.

When Netflix contacted me and invited me to be a part of their Parenting Stream Team, I Netflix_StreamTeam_Badge (1)hesitated. Are we just going to get DVDs in the mail? We have enough of those scattered around the house and I can just order a movie from OnDemand through cable. Oh ye of little faith! Why didn’t anyone tell me the cornucopia of programming, movies, craft ideas, and more that Netflix offers?? We’ve only had it a few days, but we are already in love.

This month in my partnership with Netflix, they challenged us bloggers to take on Science Fair like projects with our kids. Luckily, my kids aren’t old enough to actually participate in the Science Fair at school (I was never very good at it)- but that didn’t mean Netflix couldn’t inspire me to take on our own little project here at home!

Thanks to all the episodes we’ve been binge watching that are available on Netflix of Wild Kratz, the boys have been really into animals lately. Our back yard is full of cardinals, which the boys have always expressed interest in. Our activity this month? Obviously- a bird house! But not just any old bird house, one we humans could spy on and teach the boys about nests, and how the birds care for their eggs and their young.

After visiting MANY stores, we came home with a bird house kit and the boys were quick to put it together. We explained to them how the birds would crawl in through the hole in the front with materials to create their nests and hopefully soon there would be eggs- since spring is the season for animals to have new young.






The best part about this little project is that it’s ongoing. We’ll be checking this all throughout spring hoping a family moves in so we can study them. Yay science!

If you or your Science Fair aged kid are having trouble finding inspiration for a project, or if you just want to find something fun to do with your kids that won’t melt their brains (or yours)- here is a list of shows and movies on Netflix that just might help you grease the creative brain wheels-

For the big kids:

For the little ones:

1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
2. Peep and the Big Wide World
3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up
4. Animal Mechanicals
5. Wild Kratts

Good luck, and have fun!

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