Dear young me, here’s one piece of important advice

scan0022This is me when I was little. Boy oh boy, did I have a lot to learn.


I’m never one to jump on a blogging bandwagon, so I’m not going to go on some long emotional over-dramatic journey of what I wish the younger me should have known. Nope. Not that there’s anything wrong with writing the younger you a letter now that you are older and (hopefully) wiser, I just like leaving the past in the past, and chalking most of the mistakes I made up to learning experiences.was me.

Still, there are so many of these blogs floating around and popping up, I couldn’t help but to wonder if perhaps there was something I was missing. Was this some form of great therapy? Did it lift a weight off of the writer’s shoulders? Did it help someone else who might currently be feeling the way the writer once did? Maybe. Maybe it did all of the above.
Wait a minute… I have kids of my own now; kids who are going through things I went through, with questions I had, and while I do believe that sometimes you need to learn from your own mistakes, there are also times that learning from others is FAR more beneficial. And less stressful. And easier. But a letter? Young me would read two lines and say OH GOD, THIS IS SO LAME! My young kids would probably do the same.

I could tell the young me that I need to LISTEN more often and stop thinking I know everything, but that would be wasting the valuable 5 second attention span, So what ONE thing could I get through to young me, or any young person for that matter? What ONE thing is the most important thing to know while growing up? It’s a tough call. So many things I look back on that could have been easier if I knew then what I know now. Maybe I’d tell myself to have more self respect? Confidence? Honesty? Integrity? Pssssshhhhhhh, no!

The ONE thing I would tell the young me is: IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. Nothing you think is the end of the world is. None of what you are beating yourself up for is worth beating yourself up for.

It’s funny how different adult me is from young me. My job, what brings me great joy, is calmwriting about embarrassing shit that happens to me. I find it absolutely HYSTERICAL. If any of the things I have written about that have happened to me as an adult EVER happened to me in my formative (and awkward) years, I would have died. Crawled under a rock and died. Switched schools. Thought my life was OVER. I have no idea how that changed, but man am I glad it did!

Falling up the stairs at school? Farting in class? Sent a VERY personal e-mail (or back in my day, a message on AOL) to the wrong person? Crush doesn’t know you exist? Getting caught passing notes and the teacher reads it to the class? So and so told so and so that you’re a bitch? It’s not that big of a deal!

I know there are more important life lessons to learn, but I truly believe that learning to laugh at yourself is the first step toward true happiness. If I could have learned to laugh at myself, my younger years would have been a hell of a lot happier and a fuckton less stressful.

So everyone knows who your crush is. Who cares? At least you didn’t have to tell them yourself. So you sneezed and accidentally blew a snot rocket and it hit someone. That’s comedic gold! It’s a damn booger. It’s not that big of a deal. NONE OF IT IS. People can’t laugh AT you if you’re already laughing. Remember that.

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  • I am SOOO happy I found your blog!! Just wish I would have found this one when I was 14 (I think you might have been a toddler then), but I would have read it. Instead I’m going to make my 15 y/o dd read it.
    Thank you, Jenny, for this wisdom I didn’t know how to express.