More Tales From the Mom of a Picky Eater- Junk Food is Good Food??

Life must have had a big fat chuckle the day Parker was born. After having such an EASY time getting Holden to eat just about anything from day 1, it was probably destiny for my next child to be the pickiest eater on the planet.

Parents of picky eaters have it rough. Rougher than I ever could have imagined when I just picky2had Holden the human garbage disposal (except sour cream. I don’t know why he has beef with sour cream but it seems to have done him wrong and he refuses to eat it). Not only do we have to deal with the frustration of a child who loves something and hates it the next day, takes an hour to eat anything, refuses to eat the dinner you’ve prepared, goes on breakfast strike, or whatever other food-hating shenanigans they’re tossing your way at any given time, but then you have the judgment. The questions. The looks.

I’m not one to give a floating fart in space what anyone thinks of the way I parent, but there’s only so many times you can be asked the same crap and not have it tick you the hell off.

When I work out on weekday mornings, I can’t pay complete attention to Parker, so he basically has full reign of the house. Usually he spends that time playing with Legos or complaining at me about any number of stupid things, but today was different. First, I caught a glimpse of him walking into the living room with a Fig Newton. Then he disappeared. A second later, he appeared in the living room eating a BLOCK OF CHEESE, and when I did a double take to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, there he was, pounding a butterscotch pudding into his face.

Yes. He IS a picky eater. If it had been Holden, I would have stopped him. A BLOCK of cheese, dude? Really?? Not Parker, though. For the same reason we go out to eat and for their sides, while I suggest (strongly) that the boys choose a vegetable or fruit side- if Parker requests french fries, I let him have them, although sometimes I will say no to Holden. I know this seems unfair- luckily my kids love veggies and do not see it that way (and Parker is always willing to share a fry or two). The fact of the matter is, Holden doesn’t need to be eating foods full of fat and calories. No, he’s not on a diet. I don’t restrict him to the point where he’s never allowed to eat ANYTHING unhealthy- but when given the choice, I’d prefer him to avoid. With Parker? As crazy as it sounds, I was happy to see him eating so much. FINALLY! YOU’RE CONSUMING CALORIES! YES!! CALORIES! I LOVE CALORIES! Never did I think those words would ever come out of me, but there they are.

Parker eating a lot? It’s not something I see often. Actually it’s NEVER something I see. Him eating anything with calories excites me. I’m his mom; I worry about him. He rarely Jamie Oliver And Victoria Government Announce Partnership To Tackle Obesityseems to eat enough, and that can be kind of scary. The kid basically refused all meats for the first three years of his life. The first time he requested a burger you can bet your sweet ass that after I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I sped off to Wendy’s as fast as humanly possible and got him one. Every day I try to get that kid to eat more so his bones will be strong and he will grow the way he is meant to (however his body has decided that is), and every day it’s a battle- so when he eats without me begging, threatening, or bribing? If it’s fries, onion rings, blocks of cheese, WHATEVER- I let him have it.

Don’t worry, those of you raising your eyebrows and tempted to cast judgment on the mom who just admitted to letting her kid fill himself with unhealthy foods- remember that he is a picky eater. He’s not going to explode. His cholesterol isn’t going to rise. He eats vegetables with every meal. Vegetables have never been part of the problem. That’s kind of lucky and kind of awful. This junk food mini-binge is obviously a rare occurrence or I wouldn’t be letting him do it. If it wasn’t rare, he wouldn’t be a picky eater. If he wasn’t a picky eater, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

“Why do you let him eat all that junk?” – I’ve heard it before. Many times. The answer is so simple: Honestly, I’m just happy he’s eating.

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