FREEBIES! From my CW-27 WGNT Segment

Hi Everyone! If you are here, you may have questions about my segment on CW-27 WGNT this morning. I have all the links and information you need!

If you missed the segment, you can watch it in full right here!

Freebies- the BEST thing is that it’s SO quick and easy to explain! I am not coordinated enough to effectively coupon, but freebies are easy!

Step 1-  Set up a dummy email account just for these freebies, because you’re inevitably going to get a lot of email by signing up for a lot of these things. Trust me on this one!

Step 2- Follow a lot of the big freebie pages on Facebook. Some examples:
Freebies 4 Mom: https://www.facebook.com/Freebies4Mom
GimmieFreebies: https://www.facebook.com/GimmieFreebies
FreebieShark: https://www.facebook.com/FreebieShark

And MANY more! You can also find Freebies by going to these page’s websites.

These pages post when these freebies go “live”- a lot of times there are certain numbers of freebies to give out, so you have to be pretty quick. They ALSO post when a certain freebie is a scam, which you have to be a little wary of- but since you were smart enough to create a dummy account-not AS wary! Yay for dummies!

You do not HAVE to have a Facebook account, many of these pages’ websites offer a mail list sign up, where they will send you e-mails about the current freebies being offered.

Step 3-  Sign up! Click click! Free stuff!

I once won a years supply of cookies, and have not bought razors in two years because I get so many free! You really can score free stuff on the internet without having your identity stolen or having to sacrifice your first born! The samples are great to use for traveling, and if you ever find yourself with an over-abundance of free stuff and fear being nominated for hoarders, donate them! Your local shelter could always use the help.

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to hit the contact form and send them to me. I’m happy to help anyone get on their way to a mailbox full of freebies!


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  • About 10 yrs ago i used to do the freebies & contest stuff and i was getting something in the mail a couple times a week…usually a mailbox full of freebies or something i won in a contest…in the last month or so i’ve gotten back into doing it all again, since i’m not able to work, it keeps me from going nuckin’ futs…i ended up having to make an interest list on my fb just to keep up with all the freebie pages i’ve liked…all 49 of ’em…but i’ve never heard of FreebieShark so i’m gonna have to check it out.