Throw a Kid’s Birthday Bash without Throwing Your Own Tantrum


Very few things can be as stressful as throwing a kid’s birthday party.  Usually you end up having the party in your home, a kid’s themed restaurant or a fast food joint.  What you end up with are 30 kids on a sugar high that are driving you crazy.  Have a party that gives those kids an outlet to their energy and you can end up with a party that stresses you out less where the kids have a great time.

The first thing you need to do is think outside the box for party location.  Everyone has their parties in the same restaurants or at home.  But if you have your child’s party where all the kids get to play while also having cake and balloons and you will have the party that everyone is talking about all year.  

A bowling alley is the perfect place to have your child’s party.  Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it gives the kids something to do while they are celebrating.  Bowling can help kids get rid of some energy and get some exercise.  For those kids that may not like bowling, most bowling alleys offer a pretty good selection of video games for the kids to play also.

You never know, maybe your child will discover a hidden talent. If they do, think about making it a family sport and invest in some bowling gear like bowling balls, shoes and bowling bags like what they sell at discountbowlingsupply.com and you will have year-round enjoyment with your kids.

Besides having a location that helps kids play and have a good time, think about offering healthier options than candy to help keep down the sugar high that will make the kids hyper. This doesn’t mean that you forgo the cake, but think of giving out small toys instead of candy. Many party supply stores and dollar stores sell them. Make up a “swag bag” for each kid with toys, coloring books and other non-food items. Not only will they not notice that they aren’t getting candy, but they will have a reminder of the party for a few weeks.

Don’t forget to invite plenty of adults to help out with the party so that you aren’t on your own. Make sure you invite other family members and parents from your child’s class to help you supervise. Making sure that there are adults to talk to and help you watch after all the kids at the party will insure that you can have an epic kid’s party – without wanting to tear out your hair.

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