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What makes a great mom? If you sit back and really think about it, can you put your finger on a few key traits that elevates a woman from good to great in your mind? I think it’s different from all of us, and sometimes who we see as a great mom is often what we feel like we are missing within ourselves. The more I think about it, the more I’m not sure I buy into this whole “great mom” thing.

Now, before you feel even a twinge of offense and want to say “But Jenny, I feel like I’M a great mom!” I think that’s wonderful. Do you feel like that every second of every day, though? I know I don’t. I know most days, after the kids are in bed and I finally have a second to reflect on the events that have taken place since the kids got up at the ass-crack of dawn, I’ve made too many mistakes to be able to say it was a great day with great parenting. I’m human. I always want to do the best for my kids, but I make mistakes. I’m not perfect.

Some days I start OUT with no patience; some days I lose it quickly.
Sometimes I raise my voice when I probably don’t need to.
Sometimes I yell.
Occasionally, I overreact to stupid things that could be handled in a calmer fashion.
If I’m busy, I take shortcuts with lunches; ehhh, you don’t need veggies right now!
I don’t always pay attention to what the kids are saying until they’re frustrated because I’m not responding.
I say “no” a lot.
I don’t craft.
Sometimes I’ll punish a kid by taking something away, and hours later when he’s whining and wondering what he did wrong to get this thing taken in the first place… I can’t remember either.
I’m not always the best example. I burp, and I curse, and I don’t always excuse or censor myself.
Sometimes I’ll say “I don’t know” when asked a question I know the answer to, just because I don’t feel like explaining it.
Sometimes I’ll answer “magic!”
Some days I put on a movie and let the kids crack out just to get some peace and quiet. Some days I put on a movie just because I don’t feel like playing ANOTHER frickin’ board game. For the love of God!
I hate taking the kids outside to play. I refuse to if it’s under 58 degrees. They don’t care about the temperature, but I don’t care that they don’t care.
I don’t always have reasons for the things I say no to.
I don’t keep it a secret how much I hate the crap my kids watch. At all.

But… we love, always. We laugh constantly. We try to be better people to each other, and to the rest of the world.

I may make mistakes; some days a LOT of mistakes, but I always learn from them. I’ll never be the most patient person who can craft a beautiful centerpiece out of a pinecone, and I’m not expecting a Mother of the Year award engraved with my name on it to be coming in the mail any time soon, but I try. Not to be Mother of the Year – that sounds exhausting- no. I just hope to get through the day in one piece and try not to make TOO many mistakes.

As long as we know that there is always room to improve, and we’re always trying to – even if only a little; even if we don’t succeed at doing so every day- that is what makes us great. But most days, I’m just an okay mom, and that’s not bad.

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  • I really like this blog. I’ve only been a mom for a week, but I already appreciate what you had to say.

  • AMEN!!! I’m a single mom and there are some days when I feel like I’ve made more mistakes than not but at the end of the day the kids go to bed knowing they have a mother that loves them unconditionally. I may not always have patience and I may not have the time to play board games or barbies but I do my best and they know that 🙂 we can only do our best and it’s pointless to dwell on not being able to do better. As long as we teach them to always do their best as well then we have done a fantastic job!!

  • All that I read is true . Great blog !

  • I’m with you too…

    Perfection is unattainable… being Good Enough… is not.
    I am a Decent Mom, most of the time… Some moments I shine, and others, I do the exact opposite.

    You are completely right… It’s about love. And waking up every day trying to do better than the day before (especially if the day before was one of THOSE days.. *twitches*)

    Another great post!

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