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Next month, my first book (which I lovingly refer to as my “third child”) turns 2 years old. jennyIt’s hard for me to really believe that it’s actually been that long, mostly because these last two years have not at all gone the way I thought they would.

With “Musings of a 20-Something Mom” getting up there in book age (which I imagine to be a lot like dog years) I decided it was finally time to give it the attention it deserves. I may not have been wildly successful in my self-publishing venture, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with it, and it’s never too late for fun!

I have a crazy idea. A crazy insane and HUGE idea, and I need YOUR help- ALL of you- in order to accomplish it!

For Musings’ 2nd birthday, I want to get it on a Best-Sellers list. Before you sit back in your chair or trip over the sidewalk while saying “WHAAAAAAT?” bear with me. Depending on the month, this can be a simple thing to do! If it doesn’t make it on, that’s okay- but I’ve at least got to TRY, right? That’s where y’all come in!

I need everyone and their mother sharing the book sale with your FB friends, Twitter followers, Instagram lurkers- everyone! If you downloaded the book during the 3-free day, if you had Musings before, if you’re still in the middle of reading- share! Be as annoying as a car salesman; it IS just a dollar, after all (and the paperback is as low as I was allowed to take the price as well!)

Yes, I realize this may be asking a lot- the bugging of your friends (even if I think annoying people can be fun at times) and family members, so that’s why I have plentiful rewards for your help! Yay!

No matter WHAT happens, list or no list, I will be giving away a signed copy of “Musings of a 20-Something Mom”, some bumper stickers, and other goodies I can find and toss in a box. Maybe I’ll toss in some of my favorite candy, some Legos (muaahahahha. Okay, I wouldn’t do that) or just something I love that I need to spread the fandom of; ya never know what ya might get!
If we can get Musings to 2,000 sales, I’ll give away 2 boxes, 3,000- 3 boxes, all the way up to 5 boxes (what? I’m a starving artist!)
Every time you share, on Facebook or Twitter, or any place you can think of- it will count as an extra entry to win one of these goody-boxes!

I’m dying to make all 5 boxes, so that means y’all need to share like you’ve never shared before!

I truly believe that with the power in numbers and word of mouth- we really can rally together and get “Musings of a 20-Something Mom” on a best-sellers list! If you loved it, tell people why, if you don’t have it- get it! Let’s do this shit!

Below is a rafflecopter where you can record every share.

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One last note: I am not looking to do this to make oodles of cash. It’s actually kind of laughable how little I make from each book when it’s only .99 per download. I am doing this because I love to write, and want more people to read it!

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  • Krystyle Jackson October 28, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Love the book its amazing so far 🙂 keep up the awesome job your amazing!!!!

  • Love the blog, love the book! Can’t wait to see you on Ellen!

  • One word…WOW! Just finished reading the book (I imagine you look at the feed back on amazon) but wanted to come by your blog to show my support as well. You’re refreshing and hilarious. If more people that were true to themselves, as you are, there would be far less Tweedles in this world. I’m not a mom and this book still hit home for me as an Aunt and an outsider looking in on these helicopter holier than thou moms. I’m at the age where everyone is having a kid. I swear if I have to hear one more time that I’m a bad person for calling my nieces and nephews little schizophrenics (all small children actually fit the definition) I’m going to become one myself. Ok time to hop off my soap box.
    I wish you much success and for all your Tweedles to go bald! Happy Tuesday.

    • I actually avoid reading the reviews on Amazon, so thanks for coming here! And thanks for reading! All kids under 8 also have sociopathic tendencies- people don’t like to hear that either 😉

  • I love your page and would love to win your goodies and maybe your book. You are an awesome inspiration to me!