“The Exorcist” 40th Anniversary Giveaway!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since Linda Blair took to the screens, screamed obscenities, and sprayed split pea soup- terrifying the entire world as she played Reagan in “The Exorcist”. And NO, it’s NOT just hard to believe because I wasn’t even born yet! Yeesh!

Even after all of the advances in film-making and special effects and CGI- “The Exorcist” is still at the top of my list as one of the most terrifying movies I have ever seen. Hell, any times my kids are acting like raving lunatics, I tell people that I’m going to need a young priest and an old priest. It’s just a movie that stays with you long after you’ve watched it, and NOW, on the 40th anniversary, there is even more to watch!

Just in time for Halloween, which is perfect if you ask me, available for purchase now is a The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Setbrand new Blu-Ray + Ultra-violet combo pack! This isn’t just your regular run of the mill combo pack. In honor of The Exorcist’s 4oth anniversary, the combo pack includes the Blu-Ray – which  is a three disc combo pack that includes an extended directors cut, the original theatrical version, a 40 page book from director William Friedkin as well as a never-before-seen documentary. The Ultraviolet also allows you to watch the movie on your TV, Computer, Tablet and Smartphone. Can you imagine- The Exorcist while waiting in the doctor’s office?

Even better? I’m giving away one of these combo packs to a lucky reader! Make your Halloween EXTRA spooky this year with The Exorcist!

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Good luck, and happy nightmares!

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  • Saw your blog update on Absolute Write! Oh my, I love this movie and totally want to win this!!! Cheers!

  • Our house is Halloween pretty much all the time (with a half zombie body and 6′ grim reaper guarding the man cave/hubby’s office all year!). Love it. ♥

  • This movie and I have history…bad history. My Uncle let me watch it when I was 7. That dude is lucky I haven’t exiled him from the family. I did, indeed, end up having to go to the doctor because I refused to sleep or lay in my queen-sized bed for fear the bed would start shaking and I’d hear scratching sounds on my walls. For realz!

    As for my Uncle, who told me the Excorcist was based on a true story, I plan on placing him in a government-ran nursing home. He better not even stub his toe and limp around me because I’ll demand he go to the old folks right about for his own safety. I’ll be sure to let the staff know that the only show he watches is the Golden Girls. I’ll tell them he goes into fits of rage and throws urine if anyone turns off his beloved “Golden Girls.” Paybacks sucker!

    Just in case it wasn’t obvious, I do not want to win this contest. Oh no no no.

    • Oh it absolutely is based on a true story. A little boy who is all grown up now, living happily with his family. The house it happened in, though? Super fucking haunted!