Spark Your Greatness summer program and a Pizza Hut Giveaway!

Summer time- warm, fun, time to relax and be free for kids- but it’s also the time of the infamous “Summer Slide,” where kids forget information they learned over the course of the school year. Research that spans over 100 years show that children score lower on academic tests at the end of summer than they do at the beginning. Heck, the first month of the next school year is just going over all the things they probably forgot during vacation.

pizzahut3So how do we stop this Summer Slide? It’s HARD to get kids motivated during the traditional “YAY NO HOMEWORK!” break to want to sit down and learn. They’d rather be outside, not that I can blame them. As important as fresh air and fun is, so is retaining what they learn so they aren’t behind when they head back to the hallways of school.

The last place I thought I would turn to for assistance is Pizza Hut- but lo and behold- they have a summer program that has been around since 1985 called “Book It!” and a new website launched called “Spark Your Greatness” that is FULL of free games, activities, printable worksheets like word scrambles- all to help your little one be ready to pick up right where they left off when summer vacation started.

Holden and I went to the Spark Your Greatness website, where you customize your very own dragon (he named his cheeto) and began unlocking items like a pizza for reading to his brother for 20 minutes, and a stack of books for reading alone for 30. He absolutely LOVESpizzahut2 it and is totally motivated again- plus he gets to see how many minutes he’s read for at the top of the screen. There’s not much a kid loves more than a “high score”- so he calls it.

It’s worth checking out if you, too, are worried about the summer slide. Your kid might love it as much as Holden!

To help kickstart this dive back into the learning pool- Pizza Hut has been gracious enough to let me give a “Spark Your Greatness” cinch bag stuffed with the New York Times Best Selling children’s book “Dragons Love Tacos” (seriously, it’s awesome) AND a $10 Pizza Hut gift card! Pizza and books! What could be better than that??

Check out the widget below to enter to win! And there are plenty of ways to earn extra entries, too!
Entry period is open from 1:30pm EST 7/9 – 1:30pm EST 7/15

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Good luck!!

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