How your child ACTUALLY sees you

Have you ever experienced the shock, and slight disappointment of revisiting a place that you LOVED as a child- somewhere that was larger than life- and instead of crying tears of joy, you deflate and say aloud “well, this is a lot smaller than I remember…”

It’s not that it’s smaller- it’s that you are BIGGER- and the eyes of a giant bumbling human see things differently than a tiny innocent child. Perspective has a way of changing things like that.
The big slide at the playground, the one that terrified your testicles (or lady-balls, if you happen to be of the female persuasion) – the one that took you MONTHS to grow the courage to climb to the top of and slide down- and you felt victorious and was the champion among your friends for a solid week afterward? Only comes up to your shoulders now.
Not feeling so bad-ass, are we now?

I was reminded of just how different kids see things during a conversation I had with Holden the other day. He was reading the bottom of one of his Matchbox Cars, and read aloud to me “This car says it was built in 1984, that’s a LONG time ago! REALLY long!”
Um…. I was born in 1984. He didn’t have much to say when I informed him of that. I still feel pretty young, I’m not even in my 30s yet- but to him? I’m ANCIENT.

This got my mind spinning- and when my mind spins, I have to share the result. People like to tell me I’m immature- so I think I can accurately tell you how our kids ACTUALLY see us . Brace yourself.


And I think no matter what kids do- we always see them exactly the same way- with this endearing look on our faces:
memefaceI’m kidding, I’m kidding!!! Kinda…

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