Thank you, Walt Disney

I’m actually a little sad to sit here and admit to you all now that I do not have a single family heirloom. I don’t know what happened to all of them- I can remember so many so specifically, but somewhere along the years they vanished. Or maybe they were lost. It’s something I’m not sure of, and that bugs the hell out of me- because we should all have things to pass down to our children that they can pass down to theirs. Something that signifies family, your family.

I didn’t think mine had that. One necklace my mother gave me with the intention of having me pass it down was a ladybug necklace- which I promptly lost in the Chuck-E-Cheese’s ball pit. Those cursed pits of doom!
What would I do? What did I have to pass down without that, without anything else that had gone missing?

Last night it dawned on me while I was brushing my teeth.

The one thing my mother gave to me that no one can take away, that I can’t lose due to carelessness, moving, or evil ball pits- one that I have already passed down to my kids?


I know- I am a total Disney freak. Everyone knows that- but it’s partially because my MOM loved it so much and introduced me to not only the movies she grew up loving- but we watched new ones and grew to love them together. Ones I watch with my kids now and tell them stories about the songs that I loved, the toys that I had, the memories I have of sharing these movies with my mother.

Disney has such a HUGE place in my life and in my heart. Some might blame that on commercialism and maybe even a bit of a monopoly- but I have to disagree. Something wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t so good. Disney isn’t about the toys or the commercials or the games- it’s about the MAGIC and the feeling.
All I want to do is reach out and thank Walt Disney for the massive impact he had on my life- how much fuller he made it, because I can’t imagine my life without Disney. Without the experiences and love and the magical life-changing moments I have had because of it. There is honestly nothing else in this world like Disney. Nothing.

There aren’t just wonderful memories from watching the movies with my Mom, and then watching the same ones with my kids and seeing the same looks of joy and happiness on their faces as I once had (and still do!)- it’s the life lessons I carry along with me all the time.  I really don’t think I would be the person I am today without the influence of Disney movies in my life. Maybe you wouldn’t be either!

Without it- would we really know to wish upon a star? disblog1
The true dangers of talking to strangersOr that we should NEVER take apples from them? disblog2
I’m not sure I would have ever understood at a young age that not listening to my own conscience would mean I was a total jackass. disblog3
Or to know that even riff-raff or a tramp from the wrong side of the road can find true love.Money isn’t everything. disblog4
Neither are looks  disblog6
True beauty is on the inside, and people really CAN change if they try  disblog7
How else would I know the importance of body language?  disblog8
Or that, contrary to popular belief, you can have more than one best friend?  disblog9
Disney made it very clear that if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, you really can do WHATEVER you want and achieve your dreams  disblog10
That a lot of times, what you might think is your weirdest most embarrassing feature, is actually what makes you special  disblog11
You should never let power go to your head  disblog12
Women are JUST as tough as men  disblog13
People don’t have to be blood relation to be your family  disblog14
True love lasts forever- even if life isn’t like a fairy-tale  disblog15
I’d NEVER have known that frying pans make kick-ass weapons  disblog16
I learned that friends come in all shapes and sizesYou don’t even have to have that much in common! disblog17
Without Disney, maybe I would have never realized that you should ALWAYS have the courage to touch the butt.I hate to think of the things I could have missed out on!  disblog18
And last, but most definitely not least- where would I be if I didn’t know to tell myself during the hard times to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”??  disblog19

So thank you, Walt Disney- for your endless imagination that resulted in all of these life lessons, even after your own life.

Sure, I could have survived without them- but I wouldn’t have wanted to.

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  • Pure magic 🙂 Dory and Aladdin are my heroes, and my kids and I enjoy watching dvds I bought for myself long before they were born! It’s all about the pixie dust, and even after completing an internship at WDW, it’s still my happy place 🙂 Loved this post…and reeeeeaaaaaaly love that I’m not the only “grown up” passing an intense love of all things Disney to my kids!

  • Oh I love this. I love Disney movies and so do my kids. It is sad when we argue over which one to watch. I think my favorite one on here would be the body language one! I mean seriously!

  • “always have courage to touch the butt”………..LMAO!!!!!

  • Awesome! What a great perspective!

  • my lady is a disney freak and this is exactly why, well put and a good read. blogs usually dont interest me but somehow u break the norm. well done!

  • Disney rocks. Plain and simple. We too are passing our Disney passion down to our children.

  • This is just BEAUTIFUL. You took the words right out of my mouth. Disney means the world to me too and I’m so excited to share it with my family.

  • Wow, this is great! I feel a little bad for snarking on Disney now…..but they don’t always get it right.

  • I should have known you’d squeeze a Tangled picture/lesson in there lol. All great points that I didn’t realize Mr. Disney had taught me or my kids! Thanks for the giggles and the pointing out of the lessons I know from those wonderful movies.

  • I love Disney and I love DISNEY WORLD even more. Even though we only live an hour away, we go and stay on Disney property and get the whole experience whenever we can. NO ONE does customer service like they do. Many struggling businesses would do well to follow Disney’s example of impeccable customer service.