Orlando Stroller Rentals: One of my favorite things about Disney!

Every time we visit Disney World, we try to make sure to do different things. We stay at different resorts, eat at different restaurants (with very few exceptions), wait in line for


different characters- try to have different magical experiences every time, but there is one thing we do the same no matter WHAT: We rent a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals.

Maybe that sounds weird, or something not worth mentioning- but let me tell you, when you spend 6 days in a hot amusement park with 2 little kids who get tired or whiny or you fear getting lost or simply just walking too slow when you have things to do and places to be- the stroller you have is VERY important.

While doing research for our first trip a few years back (because I’m an insane researcher and like to know ALL the details) I found out that while Disney had rental strollers available in the park, they were these uncomfortable hard to maneuver plastic, low to the ground ho

rrible things that you had to leave IN the park. At the end of a long day, 12 or so hours of walking with sore feet, the last thing you are going to want to do is pick up what will probably be a sleeping child and carry them to a tram, or a car, or a bus- which means a stroller that you have to leave at the gates isn’t gonna fly. Someone once asked why I didn’t just buy my own? I don’t want to plunk down a not-so-small fortune on something I will only use about once a year. And I don’t want to deal with having to travel with it- just a whole lotta hassle.

That was when I was directed to Orlando Stroller Rentals. After reading SO many glowing reviews and seeing their selection of different kinds of strollers and the affordable prices- AND reading that not only would they drop the stroller off at our hotel, but pick it up when we were done- I said, why not?

I honestly cannot recommend another company more than I do Orlando Stroller Rentals. They honestly made our vacation SO much easier. The stroller, EVERY year (and this yearDisney Day 3 123 makes three) is always of high quality, clean, easy to steer- and breaks down in one swift movement so it’s quick and easy to get on the Disney transportation buses with (and I imagine it would be easy to stick into a trunk as well.) I had feared this year, with Holden nearing the age of 6, that he would be too big or think he was “too old” for a stroller, but he still fit into the double comfortably and quite enjoyed riding in it- probably because we could whisk off to rides so much faster (and because he’s a drama queen who constantly claims his legs don’t work).
Every year, out of precaution and knowing that Florida can be temperamental when it comes to weather- we consider ordering a rain guard, just in case. The past two years we have not needed it, but this year it rained nearly EVERY day we were at Disney. The rain guard Orlando Stroller provided for us was honestly the best thing ever- it kept the kids completely dry, and we were asked at least a dozen times who we rented from, because the other rental companies hadn’t offered the same. Talk about securing your decision in the choice you made!

There is truly nothing I do not love about OSR. Nothing! And I don’t say that about very many things. If you can make my vacation a billion times easier AND keep my kids from catching the plague I caught from all the rain- you go down in my book as the best.
So if you’re planning a Disney trip soon or in the future- add Orlando Stroller Rentals to your list as a company to look into before you go. You will NOT regret it. I never do!

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