What is YOUR most embarrassing parenting story? Submit it and be on holdinholden.com!

It won’t be long now. Soon I will be running the walkways of Disney World, likely with the Disney po-po on my tail telling me I can not throw myself onto Rapunzel’s tower and refuse to let go until they bring out the taser- which is when the foot chase ensues.

Assuming I don’t get tossed in the Disney holding cell in the catacombs below the Magic Kingdom, I will be gone for a total of 6 days. This being our third trip, I know just how BUSY it is being there in the parks during the day, and how late you sometimes get back to your room- so I know that blogging as much as I do while sitting on my couch at home during nap time is simply not going to be totally possible.

Since I love you all so much and want to keep you entertained- I came up with an even BETTER idea than trying to peck away at the keyboard in the dark while the boys sleep a couple of feet away.

How many embarrassing stories of mine have you read here? I mean, you’ve read everything from peeing myself after giving birth, to crapping myself in public, to flinging myself from a moving car at the mere mention of the word “spider!”– you even know that during that lovely time of the month, Holden asked me why I had a “tail”- I think it’s time we turn the tables, don’t you? Some of the comments y’all leave on my blogs are funnier than the blogs I post anyway, so I’m pretty secure that this is a fantastic idea:

Tell me YOUR most embarrassing parenting story! I am in the process of putting together TWO blogs of YOUR stories to post while I am on vacation! I will be picking 10 (ish!) of the funniest submissions to put into these “Embarrassing stories” blogs. Let’s make people pee their pants!
We ALL have them. Poop blow outs, kids saying humiliating things in public, pee accidents, clumsiness- there is embarrassment everywhere you look.

This little project is open to EVERYONE! If you’ve ever wanted to tell your story but couldn’t do so because you wanted to remain anonymous- you can do that here. If you’re a blogger- this could drive more traffic to your site (as I am more than happy to link your website with your name if your story makes it into one of the blogs), or if your story is just too funny to keep to yourself- send it in to me! You can message it to me on my Facebook Page, use the contact form here on the website,  or you can submit it to me via email (holdinholden at yahoo dot com. you can figure that out!)

Since I am going to be attempting to fit 5 (give or take) into each post, please keep that in mind when writing up your story. 250ish words- I’m allowing for wiggle room here.

Write it- send it in- and see if it lands on my website! I can’t WAIT to read your submissions- I think this is going to be a LOT of fun (and a lot of funny)!


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  • I’ve had these little tidbits in my head for a while and look forward to putting them on paper!

  • I’m a traveling musician w/ 4 children, 9, 7, & 3 yr old twins.
    Tons of creatvity! Lol the twins were babies, I’m shopping in wal-mart, and the precious
    Petite 4 mth old princess farted like a drunk sumo wrestler. Crap like this always happens in the frozen food section when it’s packed. 4 or 5 people looked at me,..do I blame the baby? Or just steal her glory? I voted for glory. Fanned my ass and walked on. Stopped in the next aisle and cackled like a maniac. Man,..I could post goofy monkey funnies for days! 🙂

  • This isn’t my funny parenting story, but it is my moms and since she doesn’t read much of anything on the internet I have to share for her! So we will call this my funny sibling story. My sister is 10 1/2 years younger then I am, she was in her room playing with the door closed-she was about 4 but since the living room and her room were almost one aside from the door it wasn’t a big deal. Well of course with silence comes horror in the adult world. She was really quiet then all the sudden burst from the room all excited and asked “Sissy will you blow up this balloon for me?”. Like a ding-a-ling I say sure and hold out my hand. It was in fact NOT a balloon but condom (unused). Apparently she got into our parents room and into some God forsaken hidden place and found not only one but a box. I follow her to her room to find her pretty pink little ballerina suit case full of condom wrappers and condoms (again unused). She thought she hit the mother load in finding a box of balloons! The horror on my mothers face when I brought her in there to show her was nothing compared to the horror in finding that her 4 year old would continue to smell like a condom for 2 days no matter how many baths we gave her.

  • Linda L. Baxter April 17, 2013 at 12:45 am

    My daughter was two and we at the mall. She had to pee and the bathroom was packed. After she was done I said to her come on honey let’s wash our hands. She looked at me with her long beautiful lashed brown eyes and said so innocently”Why mommy you wiped me?”