Get your “Hot Mom” back before summer with It Works! Wrap 3 results!

In two weeks- I will be going on vacation. I’m SUPER excited, but also a little bit stressed out. We’re heading south to the land of the giant rat- which means it is going to be HOT. Really hot. Boob-sweat hot. In order to not look like a drowned rat in rat world- I will have to wear not a whole lot of clothing. In order to feel comfortable in not a whole lot of clothing- I need to feel comfortable with my body- and unfortunately lately I haven’t.

I don’t particularly like to make excuses- but let’s just say that the holidays and massive amounts of pies happening at the same time as a major tweak to my chronic pain was not kind to me.
The numbers on the scale didn’t change, I’m not even sure I was technically “bigger”- but when you’re a woman, you can tell when something just isn’t sitting the same way. Maybe it isn’t as firm or it hangs when it never hung before. That’s how I felt. My body had moved itself around and it wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

I tried getting back on the workout/diet bus- but my issue has never really been weight, it’s always been muscle and tone- so when I didn’t see much of a difference being made after weeks of work I started to get not only frustrated, but discouraged as well. I didn’t want to feel like a frumpy lumpy horse-butt at Disney World.
That was when I got an email from Ashley, an independent distributor of It Works! 

A lot of you might remember that I have used It Works! products before and absolutely LOVE them. They offer an all-natural line of  Body Slimming Wraps, Skin Care, Supplements, and Fitness products by It Works! Global. I’m always shocked by the wide array of products they offer for different parts of your body. Here are my previous results:

Since I love It Works! so much, of course I jumped at the chance to try it again. Ashley set me up with a full treatment of body slimming wraps (which is one of my favorite things in the world), a mix to put into my drinks called “Greens”which you can take on the go and offers you over 8 servings of fruits and veggies in one pack! And tastes fantastic in orange juice, I gotta tell ya. She also sent a bottle of an It Works! product called “Fat Fighters”which helps cut cravings and absorb less fat and carbs even after you’ve eaten them. Those are competing for my new favorite product. I’m not as hungry and I feel good after eating (even after eating something bad)

Here are my results after one week taking the Fat Fights and just ONE Slimming Wrap (for full results, it’s suggested to use 4)
wrapaprilMy skin is tighter and firmer and less bloated- which I am loving. And my waist has shrunk even more since the 72 hour period has passed! I’m on the right track to not being so scared for the short shorts and tight tanks in Florida! I was worried on the morning after the wrap because I felt more bloated than before, but Ashley very quickly assured me that it was just the junk leaving my system and she was sure I would see results soon- and boy was she right! She also gave me her phone number if I ever needed immediate help or advice on how to maximize my results or if I had any questions. She is awesome!

Of course, along with this I have been exercising and eating healthy. Like any product- you can’t expect it to work if you sit around and eat bon bons and potato chips all day (as wonderful as that sounds.) It Works! Is there to help you cleanse your body of all the junk you put in it that tends to sit in your skin and your waist. The results can be VERY lasting as long as you don’t fill yourself with that crap again- and since this is my third go around, I can tell you my skin has never looked like it did before It Works! came into my life. This is a product I am going to be using for a VERY long time!

What have you got to lose? Check out Ashley’s It Works! website, peruse through the products- or just send her an email or message to her Facebook Page and tell her your target areas or what your issues are, what you’re hoping to accomplish on your way to “Hot Mom” status, and I am positive she can point you in the right direction and guide you to a firmer, healthier body!

Quick Links:
Ashley’s It Works! Facebook page
Ashley’s It Works! Website! 

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  • Kateri Von Steal April 15, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    I have questions!

    The supplements you took (“Greens” and “Fight Fighters”) after taking them, you didn’t feel nauseous or dizzy?

    It sounds amazing, but, I am always weary of those weird side effects… are there any you could share?

    I am 100% looking into this. I am most of the way to getting to a Healthy Size, and staying there. This could just help me get over that last little hurdle.

    Can’t wait to read your response!

  • I live about an hour south of the Land of the Mouse. It’s wonderfully hot! Today we set a new record! 90 degrees. Have fun! Spend lots of time in the pool.

  • Totally off subject, but in your first set of pics, the very bottom right one….. I guess its the trim around the mirror, looks like a shocked or surprised face. :0