Dear good people of earth- don’t be afraid of the future

Dear good people of earth,

I know that bad things are happening everywhere, all the time lately it seems. There are people being hurt, killed. Children, adults, innocents. Where before there seemed to be a boundary, at least in our minds, of who senseless acts would be taken out on- it has vanished, and that hits close to home. It could have been anyone, we think. It could have been us; that could have been me; they were my age, my child’s age, my parent’s age. The fear we were once able to keep out by turning off the TV and closing the front door found its way into our homes.

It’s a frightening time to be alive- and it has made many of my friends and family question their decision to ever bring children into this “messed up world” because they fear the future that is in store for those they love. I understand, and I’m scared too. I’ve been scared in a movie theater. I’ve been scared sending my child to school. I’ve been scared just sitting home watching the news- but I look at my two beautiful children who have such kindness and compassion within them, a love for everyone regardless of gender or color or religion- and I think: what would the future be WITHOUT people like them? It would be a detriment, not a benefit to the future.

If all good people on earth stopped having children because they feared what those children would have to face- what would be left? Who would be left?
The future needs people like you. People like your children. Parents like you who care enough to be scared. Who care enough to know that the future is not what we want it to be and there needs to be a change. Parents like you who will teach your children kindness and compassion.

I look around me every day, and every day I am reminded that good still triumphs over evil. I look at the children, smiling and laughing. I look at my friends, the fellow parents, the ones who are teaching their children not just tolerance, but acceptance and love- and I don’t see a dark and frightening future. I see one full of light and people who grew up not to know what “hate” feels like. Grew up never to think of or treat someone differently just because of the color of their skin, what God they believe in if any, or who they love.

I am hopeful for the future, but that future needs you. It needs us– to never stop believing that we can make things better.
We can leave a better world for our children, and better children for this world.

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  • Kateri Von Steal April 23, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Yes… I completely agree…

    Great Post.

  • Well said and beautifully written. Thank you for breaking your own rule. This needed to be said.

  • 1st time momma May 9, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Yeah I’m a little behind, but thank you for making this mom-to-be feel a little better about having my babies in what this world has become.