Holdin’ Holden T-shirts, stickers, mugs and more- oh my!

Since all of the penises are home on this presidential holiday- there is no being able to concentrate to pound out a regular blog- so I thought instead I’d share some really awesome stuff with you!

For a while now, I’ve been joking around about making t-shirts or bumper stickers for my page/blog- but it was always kind of a joke. Does anyone really NEED or WANT a Holdin’ Holden sticker? Maybe, maybe not- but it seemed like a hell of a lot of work to go through some companies I’d browsed through online to set up a shop- and would end up charging more than even I could afford- so I gave up on the idea and moved along- no way was I going to charge people an arm and a leg!

I guess it’s a good thing to have friends who do all kinds of different jobs- because a good friend of mine named Kristen runs a vinyl business called Vinyls by Vogel– and she hopped on that shit like it was on fire!

She had already made me a giant Holdin’ Holden decal for my back car windshield, and ornaments for our Christmas tree back during holiday season (seriously, this chick can make just about anything)

Basically, when she heard I was looking for some merchandise for the upcoming book signing- she just flat out asked me what I wanted and said she could make it happen for me.
DECISIONS! I’m not good at making decisions, but I think we came up with some pretty awesome stuff once we put our heads together- ALL of which you can order through Kristen at Vinyls By Vogel- and ALL of which, I am happy to report, is affordable! And hopefully even more stuff coming soon (and a page tab on this blog dedicated to it)
I love ALL of this stuff! These are the tables at the signing:

Those little plastic containers? Travel toddler utensil holders! Kristen’s idea- quite ingenious if you ask me!

Other stuff she made for me:

She made all of our boys (hers included) these super cute shirts- of course the ones for my little turdlings has my blog URL on the back!

The ever popular “Coffee makes me poop” mug- 
Kristen’s idea because she thought I was being too wordy with mine!
This one is my little brain gem (and both say Holdin’ Holden on them)
“Coffee solves everything… except diarrhea”
Holdin’ Holden water bottles!
Crotchfruit onesies! With the URL on the butt!
Seriously, I die!
HH t-shirt! (Avail all the way up to 5XL depending on the color- 
and it was a personal preference for the V-neck. I know how much some people hate them!
One of my favorite things EVER- an “I love my crotchfruit” t-shirt!! (with URL on back)
And last but not least, of COURSE- bumper stickers! One Holdin’ Holden,
And one “Crotchfruit on board”! (which will say Holdin’ Holden under it)
I love them!
I know, hard to see- but trust me they look good- and you can get them in a bunch
of different colors if you so choose.
If ANY of this interests you- all you have to do is contact Kristen at Vinyls by Vogel. Wall post, message, email, comment. Doesn’t matter- it’ll all get to her!
The prices are as follows (not including shipping):
 t-shirts s-xl $15 2xl and up $18
coffee mugs: $10
car decals: $5
toddler shirts/onesies: $10
Water bottles: $10
Any order $20 or more gets a free Holdin’ Holden car decal!
Can’t wait to see y’all sporting some HH gear!
And you don’t have to order HH stuff from her- you can also order ANYTHING you want customized with what YOU want. Stickers, mugs, tumblers, signs, banners- just check out her site or shoot her a message with any of your needs!

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