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Okay, that title is totally rhymey which might be cheesy- but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The folks at Dermagist have been awesome enough to not only let me try their products- but to allow me to share them with you by hosting giveaways- and today is no different!

I already knew their products were fantastic because I’ve been using the Complete Rejuvenation System for a few months now and my skin is more moisturized and less wrinkled than it has been in a long time. I was excited when I got the opportunity to try another to tell you all about, but I couldn’t decide what to pick. Dermagist offers so many different products and they all sound wonderful. From hand creams to acne products and everything in between. If any skin anywhere on your body is having an issue- chances are Dermagist has something that can help it.

After much back and forth I decided on the Phenomenal Dermal Filler. One might hear “dermal filler” and think of botox or injections- but the vast majority of us can’t afford that kind of thing on a regular basis, or maybe we just don’t want to go that extreme to fill in the lines that age and children may bring.
Yeah, I said it- kids bring wrinkles. Or they do for me. My face does not hide emotion well, whether it be happy or angry- and so I feel the constant need to combat it.

One might think there’s no way that a cream can compete with an injectable dermal filler- but in my opinion from a few weeks using it, it does pretty darn good. The way it works is by reflecting light into the shadow area of wrinkles and pores, making it harder for the naked eye to see while also deeply penetrating the wrinkle with moisture that smooths the target area. Along with the instant effect, the Phenomenal Dermal Filler saturates the wrinkle from within for the long term. The biggest enemy of skin in the wrinkle department is dryness!

I love the stuff. I even asked someone to peer into my forehead yesterday to see if they could spy wrinkles. Perhaps she was just being flattering when she answered no- but it made me feel pretty good! I love Dermagist products!

And now I get to give one to you! You could choose the Phenomenal Dermal Filler like I did, or any product from the website that you might like more. Here’s what ya gotta do:

Follow Dermagist on Pinterest
 Pin the product you’d like to win to one of your boards
Come back here and leave me a comment linking to your Pinterest board and your email address so if you win I can notify you!

The entry period for this giveaway ends Wednesday Jan 30th (hey that’s my birthday!) at 3:00pmEST.
Good luck!

**those who have won a Dermagist giveaway before are not eligible to enter this giveaway.

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