Getting your Hot-Mom back – Wrap #2 results!

If anyone has been following my “wrapping” journey- I had the opportunity to try an “It Works” wrap a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised with the results. 3 inches down!

My journey post kids was once about baby-weight loss, but the weight came off (for the most part) rather quickly, and my journey then changed.

As a lot of us have had kids and lost the weight know- even though the weight is gone, things aren’t quite the same as they once were. Even if we’re small, fit into pre-pregnancy jeans, hell- even if we weigh LESS than before getting pregnant- our stomachs have been through hell and don’t always snap right back.
That has always been my problem.
I get a lot of skinny-girl hate, because let’s be honest here, I’m a small girl- but under the clothes is another story that has always been quite embarrassing to admit. I have loose, even kind of wrinkly, stomach skin. And some heinous embarrassing stretchmarks.

After wrap #1, all of those were reduced greatly and I was pretty pleased- but those two little “pockets” (as I call them) of loose skin were still there, and every time I would bend over I would be reminded of it because they would bend farther. I wasn’t sure if they’d ever leave.

I was thrilled, thanks to a lovely reader of mine named Dallas who is a fabulous independent It Works distributor, to get the opportunity to wrap again to see if I could make even more of an improvement in my midsection- Of COURSE I said yes. After a super positive first experience, I couldn’t wait to try it again. Although, as I am with everything, of course I was a little skeptical- as I’d already lost 3 inches and firmed up those saggy little crap pockets on my belly- what more could this product possibly do for me?

For those who don’t know what It Works is, before I show you my results and tell you my experience the 2nd go around- I’ll give you a little information to work with.

 It Works is an all natural product line designed to help you tighten and tone your skin and your body.
The first thing of the line that really drew my attention was the all natural body wrap.
Wrap up that tummy and see results that keep on coming for 72 hours. The wrap is a non-woven cloth wrap that is infused with a powerful botanically-based formula to re-hydrate the skin, smooths cellulite (hey now!), reduces skin slackening (which is what my cursed stomach has), and leave your skin with a more youthful look.

If you’d like more in depth information (and to see some AMAZING results pictures. Way more awesome than my little ass), head on over to Dallas’ Facebook page or Website and she’d be happy to answer your questions.

She had also heard that I really wanted to try the defining gel (which is similar to what is in the wrap, but without the detoxing), because I had seen pictures of results JUST from that and they were amazing- so she sent some along.

Here are my result pictures:

What you might not notice from 1st to 2nd wrap is a dramatic drop in my pooch like you did after the 1st. An inch is still pretty damn good for a small girl like me. What you might not see, which is why I added the bottom two pictures, is what DID change- the skin on my stomach. I gained definition (which is awesome because I have been working my ass off), my lovely compass-like stretchmarks around my bellybutton have faded- and do you see any pockets of saggy skin under my bellybutton? Trust me when I say, you could before.
Needless to say, I am pretty darn pleased with the results. 
Now, I know a lot of people question whether it lasts or works- and I can tell you that my first wrap was over 4 months ago and the inches never came back. I am smaller now than I was after the 1st wrap- and the defining gel has continued to make improvements in my skin. Of course if you sit around and eat bon-bons, this isn’t going to magically melt the calories away.
 Just this morning I was chatting with a friend about it who lost 4 inches overnight and is incredibly pleased. I think, just like any other product- it depends on the person.
What have you got to lose??
Head on over, check out the results pictures and all the products It Works! Offers- and then go have a chat with Dallas (because she explains it so much better than I do, and because she can hook you up with it!)

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