Pink Zebra.. I didn’t know, but now I do! And it smells great!

When I get messages on my Facebook page from followers who want me to advertise, i’m always a little wary but enthusiastic. I love trying new stuff (you know.. to a limit. We’re not PG13 here but mama don’t do swings or things that vibrate ’round here), and i’ve heard of so much great stuff through my page that I never would have heard of before.

A lovely lady by the name of Jessica about something called Pink Zebra. Say what? That sounds like one of those things that mama don’t write about here- but I was quickly assured that it was nothing like that. Instead Pink Zebra is a company that sells wax warmers, candles, lotions and other wonderful smelly things- ALL Made in America (hey now! That’s awesome)
Now, I never got on the Scentsy train- so I was feeling a little left out when it came to smelly things around the house (I do have 3 boys, 4 if we’re including the dog… who stinks), and was feeling super excited about trying out Pink Zebra.

I let Jessica make the choice for me (I am indecisive.. and that’s putting it mildly) and wasn’t really sure what to expect, so when the mail came and I got a super pretty green wax warmer with some Spiced Vanilla SPRINKLES, I did one of those confused animal head-cocks.
Jessica told me that all I had to do was take about a tablespoon of the Sprinkles and put them on the top and they would melt down. Easy peasy!

Typically i’m not a fan of Vanilla because I find the scent to be horribly overbearing, but this Spiced Vanilla she sent me is the JAM. It’s not too sweet, not too strong.. and when she told me that I could mix it with other sprinkle scents (or flavors, if you will) I nearly squeed. This kick-ass Spiced Vanilla with say.. Mango? Or one of the other many different fragrances? Honestly. I’d be in heaven. Or you can even sprinkle the sprinkles over your favorite candle (or, of course, one of theirs).

So seriously y’all- I don’t jump on the girly train very often, but this stuff is AWESOME. And so is Jessica- so if you’re looking for a new way to decorate, and new fragrances to put in your home- this is the way you should go. And Jessica is the chick you should buy it from, because she’s awesome too.
Here’s all the info you’re gonna need!

Jessica’s Pink Zebra Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pink-Zebra-Independent-Consultant-Jessica-Ingram/392425380822388

And this is the Pink Zebra website, which I am linking directly to her but for some reason it redirects, so when it does to me a flavor (OH I made a funny!) and type in her name at the end of the URL as JessicaIngramhttp://pinkzebrahome.com/JessicaIngram

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  • Ok, I’m a little late to the pink Zebra post… But I do happen to be one of those gals that has to have a house that smells of some sent at all times! With 3 cat’s, a biker husband mechanic husband(and his buds)2 daughter’s, a farting English Bulldog, living in the burb too close to the airport, plus myself.. I scent the hell out of my home! I use wax tart warmers and am always looking for the next best thing! Especially since all of my warmers have to jive together, or match(OCD at it’s best)