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I can’t sit here and whine to you about how “fat” I am, and cry about my size or my weight. I can’t do that. I know i’m not fat, and I know I wear a small size- but we talk about size and shape and sags and wrinkles and all the millions of things we’ve all tried in the past to regain our pre-baby body in this blog and on my Facebook Page all the damn time- so it’s time to bring it up again!

“Small” size aside- you know that if you have kids, the vast majority of us have bodies that just don’t look the same anymore. Even if we’ve lost all or the majority of the baby weight. Things hang different, weight sits differently, muscles aren’t as tight, and that SKIN- oh that skin! There are two spots on the front of my stomach that make me want to tear my hair out.. or my skin off. I bend over, they bend farther. Ugh.

That is precisely my problem. Although I lost most of the weight, there is still weight SITTING at my midsection, and nothing I have done has gotten rid of it. It’s the most frustrating thing ever. Hell I don’t even know if it’s weight or just worn out tired old muscles that refuse to tighten back up. I’m going to use another word we as moms are probably all familiar with: Fluff. I might be small but i’m not toned. I’m fluffy. Loose. Soft. Jiggly. I look down, it’s there, and I want it gone!
The dreaded MOMMY POOCH. And SO many other moms would tell me “oh nothing you do will get rid of that! once you have kids that pooch is there to stay!”
I refused to accept that as an answer. I was going to find a way to lose it!

After a lot of work and a hurt back, it was starting to seem impossible when I saw a friend of mine posting on Facebook about a product called “It Works!”- that could tighten, tone, and firm your body in as little as 45 minutes, and detailing the success stories of people who had used it. I had NEVER heard of this, so being the nosy person that I am, I lurked around her Facebook to find out more.

I could go into a long drawn out explanation- but i’m going to keep it short and sweet for you here. It Works is an all natural product line designed to help you tighten and tone your skin and your body.
The first thing of the line that really drew my attention was the all natural body wrap.
Wrap up that tummy and see results that keep on coming for 72 hours. The wrap is a non-woven cloth wrap that is infused with a powerful botanically-based formula to re-hydrate the skin, smooths cellulite (hey now!), reduces skin slackening (which is what my cursed stomach has), and leave your skin with a more youthful look.

Ummm, count me in! I had never been interested in diet pills that might make you poop your pants, plus I just don’t have enough weight to lose to make it a viable option. This sounded perfect, I mean- what did I have to lose? All natural sounded great, and after I chatted with her and she gave me the full rundown, I was pretty much sold. I have known her, Melissa, since kindergarten, so I know she’s not going to BS me. If something works, she’s going to tell me it does. She even showed me her personal results and results of others, and those REALLY sold me. Take a look for yourself!

I mean, seriously y’all- if I could have results like that I would be such a happy camper! The first pic are Melissa’s own results- so you know she wasn’t just blowing smoke up my butt.
So I got a wrap to try. Melissa walked me through the entire thing, how to put it on, how long to leave it on (I get confused easily and always have a lot of questions)- an even talked me through the 72 hours following as my body detoxed thanks to the wrap.
I’ll tell you one thing: I can’t wait to wrap again. As a small girl I wasn’t sure what to expect, being that I don’t have a lot to lose, but the numbers DON’T lie. Neither does how soft and smooth my skin is, or how that hideous skin hanging from my stomach like an old wrinkly purse is nearly gone. In 72 hours I have lost 3.5 inches from my midsection and pooch. 72 friggin’ hours, y’all!
Here’s the proof:
Belly be-gone! Of course I think I have some more work to do, what with muffin-tops and all- and definitely some more firming up, which I think the next wrap will definitely help out with. 
And honestly I really want to try the It Works! Defining Gel, too. Which is like to wrap, but you can use it twice per day instead of once every 72 hours like the wrap, and it contains all of the same firming and tightening ingredients as the wrap.
Honestly- try this. If you’ve been trying to get rid of belly fat, belly fluff, muffin tops, loose skin, jiggly-jig, bloating and have been unsuccessful in tightening and toning it away- try this!
Go talk to Melissa, she is so awesome and will answer ANY question you might have, is very knowledgeable, can give you a more scientific explanation into how these products really DO work, and can tell you how you can even save money on these fabulous products.
Y’all know i’m cheap as hell, and I wouldn’t send you in someone’s direction if I didn’t honestly believe in them- What have you got to lose? 

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