The evil that are stains

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I can’t deny that I have a tendency to be messy. There’s one shirt I have that EVERY time I wear it gets stained- which sucks because it’s my favorite shirt… but I have nothing on either of my kids. It seems like every single day they both get their clothes covered from head to toe in them. Grass stains, food stains, I don’t know what on earth that could BE stains. It’s a stain world and i’m just living in it- and I rely on stain removers to keep me sane, because throwing out clothes just because of some stupid grass is not going to happen. Who has the money to do that? Not me! 

Unfortunately, not all stain removers work as well as they say they do- so it leaves us wanting more. Something BETTER. PLEASE something better! I’m willing to try just about anything. 

The one I think i’m going to try next Shout® Trigger.


Shout® is different in that it is a triple acting formula, it clings to the stain and really penetrates it in order to lift it away. Doesn’t that sound perfect for deep awful stain like *shudders* grass? I have not tried it before, but it sounds right up my alley.

I imagine if Shout® does all I hope it does, it will mean no double and triple washing things to remove one measely knee stain. And I know us moms really can’t afford to be wasting time doing that- as if we don’t have enough else to do every day?

Have you tried Shout® Trigger yet? It can be purchased at Walmart!

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