Finding a good deal is like…

It may be stereotypical of me, but I love to shop. I can’t help myself. I think that finding a good deal is like playing a fun game, and when you find something you want or need for the best price- you win. It’s a sense of accomplishment, bragging rights, and winning all wrapped up in a nice little box.

Sometimes I window shop online just to pass the time. Maybe that’s a little strange, but occasionally you can find good deals you wouldn’t have otherwise, or get ideas on how to change things up a little with your style or in your home.

Browsing for new furniture because the kids have ruined yours? How about a miami shores 8-drawer white armoire chest to fill that void? It sure is pretty.
Sweat your workout clothes into oblivion (or just sat on the couch until the butt wore out?)- Oh, lookie, I found a nice pair of women’s athletic shorts with pockets to replace them with!
Walls in the house looking a little stale and in need of new decoration? I came across a really cool walmart atomic clock! I could find a place for that!

Honestly, it’s a good thing I don’t have a credit card or we might be in some serious trouble.

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